Urgent Appeals

With your help we can continue our vital work delivering cancer care to destitute cancer patients in Pakistan.
Please support our appeals.

Emergency Appeal

We’re fighting on two fronts now: Cancer and the virus. As the pandemic sweeps the globe, Shaukat Khanum Hospital is mobilising to tackle what could become a national crisis.

Your Zakat and Sadaqah, this Ramadan, can help save thousands of lives who currently face the threat of the virus.

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Sponsor a Child Patient

Sponsor a Child Patient at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Give one child with cancer a chance at life.

By sponsoring the full or partial treatment of a child patient, you will be ensuring he/she receives the best care available in Pakistan.

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Lahore Clinical Tower

SKMCH Lahore is only able to treat a fraction of the patients
that come to the hospital every year.

We’re building the SKMCH Clinical Tower at Lahore, to tackle the growing incidence of cancer in Pakistan.

Can you help?

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Sponsor the Karachi Hospital

Help us bring free cancer care to Karachi.

We’re building Pakistan’s third cancer hospital to tackle the rising volume of patients in Karachi.

Become a founding donor or sponsor a treatment room; everything you give will save a life.

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Sponsor a Cancer Patient

Sponsor the care and medical treatment of one of our cancer patients.

At IKCA we believe that every cancer patient deserves an equal chance at life.

With your help we can restore hope to someone who has the odds stacked against them.

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Sponsor Hospital Equipment

We need hospital equipment to treat our cancer patients.

Every pound spent towards a microscope or MRI machine, can mean better chances of recovery due to early diagnosis.

Every little bit will go a long way, so please do group together and lend a hand.

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Feed a Cancer Patient

Every good meal is another step towards recovery from cancer.

For patients diagnosed with cancer, it’s absolutely vital that they are eating well.

But for many facing cancer in Pakistan, a balanced meal is hard to come by.

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Equip Shaukat Khanum Peshawar

We’ve built Pakistan’s second cancer Hospital in Peshawar.

But we still need your help to buy necessary equipment.

Please support Imran Khan’s appeal to equip SKMCH Peshawar.

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Sponsor a Project

Our resources are limited. Please, help us expand our work in the fight against cancer.

SKMCH is the only specialised cancer hospital in the region.

At its current capacity it can only treat a fraction of new cancer cases in Pakistan.

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