Sponsor a Cancer Patient

Help give a father the best news he’s had in months.

Waqar Ahmad’s father is waiting for news: a doctor’s diagnosis; his son’s chances of survival; the cost of treatment… Our doctors want to tell him they’ll do everything to help Waqar beat cancer. But they can’t give him hope without your support.

Like Waqar, thousands of patients who come to Shaukat Khanum Hospital are treatable. They just don’t have the means to afford cancer care.

By sponsoring the full or partial treatment of a patient, you can give a father, like Waqar’s, hope for his son’s life. Find out more

Cancer isn’t the end. But for a person in Pakistan, who can’t afford treatment, it can be.

An equal chance at life is the fundamental right of every person, regardless of their means. This is what we strive to provide at Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

With your support, one person facing a fatal disease can get the help they need. By sponsoring the full or partial treatment of a poor patient, you can ensure he/she receives the best cancer care available in Pakistan. Sponsor a cancer patient today so we can give them good news and hope, at this critical time.

Sponsor a Cancer Patient

The cost of treatment

Treatment costs vary from one patient to another. They depend on the type of cancer a patient has, and the course of treatment required. The cost of treatment can range from £3,440 (for a Germ Cell Tumour) to £13,328 (for Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia). The table below shows a breakdown of treatment costs according to cancer type. These are approximate.

DiseaseBrain CancerBreast CancerHodgkin’s DiseaseLung CancerOvarian CancerOsteosarcomaPancreas CancerProstate CancerSkin CancerThyroid Cancer
Diagnostic Services
Pathology £650.50 £673£1,130£669.50£800£1,090£1,250£731£480£385
Nuclear Medicine£75£147£475£307.50£75£135£100£80£120£585
Therapeutic Services
Hospitalisation (Room Charges) £206.25£111£210 £237.50 £190 £1,475 £375 £145 £450£300
Internal Medicine £125£110£259.50£304£200£130£850£182£210£92
Medical Oncology/ Paediatric Oncology £200.75 £325£480.50£342.50 £490 £900 £460 £175 – –
Radiation Oncology £1,575 £956 £570 £1,317.50 £50 £1,070£375£220£1,575
Surgical and Theatre Services £1,325 £1,500 £125 £928.50 £2,090 £650£2,320 £750 £2,550 £1,955
 Pharmacy £1,930 £1,575 £860 £1,375 £1,105 £1,930£3,990 £2,072 £850 £56.50
 Total £6,500 £5,750 £4,650 £6,150 £5,500 £8,500£11,000 £5,000£6,500£3,500 
Sponsor a Cancer Patient

Sponsorships save lives

Shaukat Khanum Hospital cares for thousands of patients who rely on your support. Last year, we were able to provide free cancer care to 75% of our patients through donor funds, sponsorships and Zakat donations. Your support paid for all the diagnostic and therapeutic hospital fees, ranging from the cost of radiation and chemotherapy to surgical theatre and medication fees.

Sponsor a Cancer Patient

Four Years on – Waqar

Four years ago, Waqar’s father faced a devastation twofold: the potentially deadly disease his son was diagnosed with; and the reality that he couldn’t afford the care his child needed. Today, Waqar Ahmed is one of many children who beat cancer at Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Through patient sponsorship, we’ve been able to deliver thousands of parents, like Waqar’s, from the distress of being helpless. Through patient sponsorship, we’ve helped thousands of children like Waqar to recover from cancer.

Find out more about how Waqar fought cancer, and the efforts of everyone involved in ensuring he received the best treatment available in Pakistan.

Sponsor a Cancer Patient