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For those who give in Charity, men and women, and loan to Allah a Beautiful Loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and they shall have (besides) a liberal reward. (The Holy Qur’an 57:18)

Sadaqah is a charitable act of kindness that comes straight from the heart. The Arabic word 'sidq' means sincerity, and when given 'fi sabillilah' (for the cause of Allah SWT), it can bring blessings to our wealth and even prolong life!

Our founder Imran Khan believed this when he donated the entire sum of his prize money from the 1992 Cricket World Cup to build our first cancer hospital in Lahore. Since then, millions more from around the world have given generously in the hope of reward from the Almighty.

See the difference your Sadaqah has made by watching our video below.

Give Sadaqah



Charity does not, in any way, decrease the wealth and the servant who forgives, Allah adds to his respect; and the one who shows humility, Allah elevates him in the estimation [of the people]. (Muslim)

Giving Sadaqah is a wonderful way to show gratitude to Allah (SWT). It can be given at any time, and for any reason, for example on special occasions like weddings, births, and other important milestones. It can also be given in times of sadness, sickness, and bereavement - or even on behalf of someone else, living or deceased.

The only requirement is that it is given sincerely and with the aim of pleasing Allah (SWT).

Give Sadaqah



Here are a few ways your Sadaqah donations can make a difference to our cancer patients right now:

Hospital Running Costs

Sadaqah plays a vital role in the running of our hospitals. It allows us to purchase essential equipment, such as radiation therapy machines, chemotherapy drugs, and medical instruments for surgical procedures. It also pays for specialist medical staff, like nurses Jennifer and Ammara, as well as security guards, cleaners, and others involved in the day-to-day care of our patients. Your Zakat cannot be allocated for these expenses, so please give generously.


Feed a cancer patient

Many of our patients make long and expensive journeys to our hospitals, often in unfamiliar cities far from home. They arrive malnourished and lack the means to buy their own food. With your Sadaqah, we can make sure they have the nourishment they need throughout their treatment and recovery.


Build Karachi Hospital

The walk-in clinic at our new hospital in Karachi is now open to cancer patients in Sindh and Southern Balochistan, marking a significant milestone in the development of the facility. With 40% of the urban population surviving on just 80 pence a day and 75% of those living in the surrounding rural areas experiencing similar levels of deprivation, the poorest face huge challenges in getting the healthcare they need. By giving Sadaqah Jariyah, you can help our hospital reach even more construction milestones.




3 things about Sadaqah

Sadaqah and Zakat are two distinct forms of charitable giving in Islam.

Zakat is a mandatory payment on savings above a certain level, where a fixed percentage is taken from one's surplus wealth. There are strict guidelines on how Zakat can be used, and the one who gives it benefits more than the one who receives it.

Sadaqah, on the other hand, is a voluntary donation with no upper or lower limit. Described in the Holy Qur’an as a ‘beautiful loan’ to Allah (SWT), Sadaqah can be given to a variety of causes, benefitting the giver and the receiver equally.

We understand that the most meaningful charity is often given anonymously. Give Sadaqah with Imran Khan Cancer Appeal discreetly and easily online.

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