For those who give in Charity, men and women, and loan to Allah a Beautiful Loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and they shall have (besides) a liberal reward. (The Holy Qur’an 57:18)

Sadaqah is a form of voluntary charity which brings Barakah and blessings to our wealth and can even extend our lives when given sincerely for the sake of Allah (SWT).

Our founder Imran Khan set a powerful example when he donated his prize money from the 1992 Cricket World Cup to open our first cancer hospital in 1994. Millions more from around the world have since been inspired to join his legacy, in the hope of reward from the Almighty.

This Ramadan, let us come together to give what we can with sincerity and generosity.

Give Sadaqah


Our founder has dedicated his life to improving the welfare of ordinary Pakistanis. He is unable to make an appeal for our hospitals this year, but in his absence, we hope you will continue supporting our patients with your Sadaqah and show that we still stand together in the fight against cancer.


Any good deed that helps another can be considered Sadaqah, whether it's a kind word or smile, or a monetary gift to help someone in need. Here are a few ways your Sadaqah can bring relief to patients at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital this Ramadan:

Feed a cancer patient

With long and costly journeys to our hospitals, often in unfamiliar cities far from home, many of our patients arrive malnourished and lack the resources to buy food for themselves. Your Sadaqah can provide comfort and nourishment to help with a patient’s treatment and recovery. £5 provides two hospital meals for a day. £50 can feed a patient for 10 days. £150 will allow you to share your Iftar for the entire month.

Give Sadaqah for Food

Build Karachi Hospital

With the new Walk-in Clinic opened in May 2023 and construction works in progress, our new state-of-the-art cancer hospital will provide the best care and treatment to the poorest cancer patients in Sindh and Southern Balochistan. With over 40% of the population of Karachi living on less than 80 pence a day and 75% of those living in rural neighbourhoods nearby facing similar levels of deprivation, giving Sadaqah towards our new hospital this Ramadan will bring renewed hope to those in desperate need.

Give Sadaqah Jariyah for Karachi

Hospital Running Costs

Your Sadaqah is vital for procuring equipment such as radiation therapy machines, chemotherapy drugs, and medical instruments for surgical procedures, as well as paying the salaries of specialist medical staff like Dr Sadia Abdullah and Dr Haroon Hafeez, security guards, cleaners, and other employees. Unfortunately, Zakat cannot be allocated for these expenses, which is why your Sadaqah is critical to the provision of cancer services this Ramadan.




3 things about Sadaqah

Zakat and Sadaqah are forms of charitable giving in Islam, but there are key distinctions between them.

Zakat is a mandatory payment for anyone with savings above a certain level, where a fixed percentage is taken from one's surplus wealth. Giving Zakat is an act of worship, with the one giving benefiting more than the one receiving. Sadaqah, on the other hand, is a voluntary donation with no upper or lower limit. It can be given to a variety of causes, and it offers mutual benefits for both the giver and the receiver.

To maximise the benefits of hidden charity this Ramadan, give Sadaqah anonymously online and let Allah (SWT) take care of the rest!

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