Ramadan with Imran Khan Cancer Appeal

Bismillah Ar-Rahman Ar-Rahim,

As our hospital in Lahore completes twenty-seven years of serving humanity, I feel immensely grateful for the unflinching support of Pakistanis living all around the world.

Over the years, you believed in my dream and dedicated your efforts to help me realise the seemingly impossible task of building hospitals in Pakistan, first in Lahore and then in Peshawar, where 75% of all patients receive quality cancer care, free of charge. Construction work on our third, and Pakistan’s largest tertiary care cancer centre in Karachi is progressing at great speed. Together, we have shown that nothing is impossible in Pakistan when we set our minds to it. I am confident that with your continued support, we can ensure one day that no one succumbs to cancer because of a lack of treatment facilities, or because they could not afford to pay for their care.

With warmest personal regards,

Imran Khan
Chairman, IKCA Board of Governors

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The Messenger of Allah, (ﷺ) was the most generous of people and he was even more generous in Ramadan. (Bukhari)

This Ramadan, Shaukat Khanum Hospital is 27 years old. It is an institution trusted by millions of Muslims paying Zakat and Sadaqah every year. This is how we’re able to continue running two cancer hospitals with an approximate annual cost of £70 million. This is how we give hope to thousands of poor patients who are treated for free each year; because, in a Muslim society where people hold fast to the obligation of Zakat, the most basic social justices like equal healthcare for all are never impossible.

Thank you for your trust and support for almost three decades. Ramadan Mubarak.

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Invite the people to testify that none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and I am Allah’s Messenger (ﷺ), and if they obey you to do so, then teach them that Allah has enjoined on them five prayers in every day and night (in twenty-four hours), and if they obey you to do so, then teach them that Allah has made it obligatory for them to pay the Zakat from their property and it is to be taken from the wealthy among them and given to the poor. (Bukhari)

Zakat can only be given to aid the poor and needy. We spend the Zakat you’ve entrusted to us on treating poor patients who can’t afford cancer care at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Find out more about our Zakat transparency and the care we take to ensure your Zakat reaches only the most deserving. Browse our new Zakat Guide to get answers to your frequently asked questions about the obligation of Zakat and its conditions in Islam.

Use our Zakat calculator to work out your Zakat for this year. Pay your Zakat online in whole today or start paying it in instalments by sponsoring the full or partial treatment of a poor cancer patient at Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

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Did you know that your Zakat this Ramadan can pay for the full or partial treatment of one cancer patient? Find out how.


When a man dies, his good deeds come to an end except for three things: Sadaqah Jariyah [ceaseless charity]; a knowledge which [he has passed on and] is beneficial; or a virtuous descendant who prays for him. (Muslim)

This Ramadan, we’re uniting with millions to make history again in Pakistan. Our Sadaqah Jariyah, combined, is building Shaukat Khanum Hospital Karachi.

Imran Khan gave his own wealth as Sadaqah Jariyah to build the first Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Today, Pakistan’s poorest are still benefitting from his efforts. But Pakistan is a big country, and we have patients coming from all over for treatment to our hospitals in Lahore and Peshawar. Many of these people, who are forced to travel long distances, have already lost too much time when they reach us. An early diagnosis is vital to curing cancer. That’s why we’re on a mission to bring free cancer care to the poorest people in Karachi, Pakistan’s largest city and the 12th largest globally.

Join us and reap the blessings of your charity in this life and the hereafter, insha’Allah.

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Did you know that Shaukat Khanum Karachi will open its doors to patients in 2023? Our completion deadline is very close! That’s why this Ramadan is critical. Help build Shaukat Khanum Karachi.


For those who give in Charity, men and women, and loan to Allah a Beautiful Loan, it shall be increased manifold (to their credit), and they shall have (besides) a liberal reward. (The Holy Qur’an 57:18 )

Many patients who qualify for free care at Shaukat Khanum Hospital are undernourished even before they begin treatment. Can you feed a patient with your Sadaqah this Ramadan?

We spend the Sadaqah you entrust to us on feeding the sick and hungry at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Your Sadaqah also funds our hospital wards and rooms. It pays for vital hospital equipment and helps us shelter and clothe the poor who come to us for treatment.


Your Sadaqah allows us to spend on the things which make it possible to provide free cancer care for the poor, but which we cannot spend Zakat on. Find out more.


When the month of Ramadan starts, the gates of heaven are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils are chained. (Bukhari)

Iqra was diagnosed with bone cancer last Ramadan. Your donations saved her life. Read Iqra’s story.

Support comes in all shapes and sizes. Sponsoring the treatment of a child patient, like Iqra, can save a life. But Iqra’s survival depended on so many factors. It depended on the electricity our surgical lights used when we amputated her right leg below the knee. It depended on the food she ate while she was recovering. And the aids she now relies on for physiotherapy.

Making your donation to ‘where most needed’ this Ramadan allows us to do our life-saving work with the freedom to spend on whatever is most needed at the time to save a child patient like Iqra.

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Charity does not decrease wealth, no one forgives another except that Allah increases his honour, and no one humbles himself for the sake of Allah except that Allah raises his status. (Sahih Muslim)

Imran Khan Cancer Appeal accepts any Fidyah and Kaffarah donations that you may be required to pay this Ramadan. We also accept mandatory Fitrana donations. As these are time-sensitive, please be sure to pay yours before Eid.

Your Fidyah, Kaffarah and Fitrana donations are used to provide hospital meals for our poorest patients. Many of them are malnourished even before their treatment begins, and getting the right food and supplements is essential to their recovery.

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