Fundraising Ideas

Fundraising can be fun and empowering. Especially when you know how much it matters to the people your efforts will help.

To date, our fundraising volunteers have tackled all manner of challenges. They’ve not only helped raise cancer awareness. They’ve also restored hope to hundreds of cancer patients in Pakistan. And they had a great time doing it.

At Imran Khan Cancer Appeal (IKCA), we’ve seen fundraising activities across all walks of life. From bake sales to marathon runs, every one of them was invaluable to our fight against cancer. If you’ve got the motivation but need more inspiration, we’ve got you covered. Here are some more tried and tested fundraising ideas that are popular with our volunteers:

Bake for Charity

Never underestimate the power of food, particularly at work. Because, how often do we forget to pack ourselves lunch, or are too snowed under to pop out for a snack? That’s where you step in. By unleashing your inner, culinary master and organising an office bake sale, you’ll not only be feeding your colleagues, you’ll be doing it for an excellent cause. Get the word out before you bring in the goodies by letting people know what you’re raising money for (Do get HR approval first!). Come lunch time, send out an email with mouth-watering pictures and watch the orders roll in.

Climb a Peak or Trek to Everest Base Camp

Ben Nevis and Snowden are popular choices for fundraising adventure junkies, but the only limit to how far you want to push yourself is yourself. We’ve had volunteers cycling solo across Route 66 and embarking on a road trips from Glasgow to Ghana. So make it big. Make it count!

Alternatively, sign up for one of our trekking or climbing challenges, like the 3PC and embark on an adventure with IKCA.

Have a Charity Film Screening

If you’ve got access to a projector or a large screen TV, why not round up the movie buffs for a charity film screening? Offer friends and colleagues a fun night in with snacks and a great movie, at little more than the cost of a cinema ticket.

Grow a Beard

Who said fundraising couldn’t be stylish? We’ve had scores of volunteers taking on our Grow a Beard challenge. They’ve not only revived a sunnah, they’ve also done wonders for raising awareness of prostate cancer and funds in aid of male cancer patients in Pakistan.

Be sure to make the best use of social media (Instagram, snap-chat, Twitter, Facebook) to record your glorious transformation and keep your supporters up to date.

Sell Used Books

Ask friends, co-workers, and relatives to donate used books. Sell them at school, the office or your local mosque or church. Advertise the titles you have on offer across social media networks like Facebook.

Sell Used Clothing

One man’s trash is another man’s come-up, particularly for fashionistas looking for a good find. The next time you and your friends are downsizing wardrobes, why not organise a vintage clothing sale together and turn it into a charity event with fashion show galore? Get extra creative and use social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram to show off the looks you can put together with what you have.

Organise a Charity Dinner

This is a popular one among IKCA volunteers! Ask your local restaurant to give you charity dinner rates and invite all your friends and co-workers for dinner.

Read About the Charity Dinner UK Cricket Fans organised at London’s Mumtaz Restaurant, raising in excess of £9,000 for IKCA! See pictures of the event here

Throw a Fundraising BBQ and Quiz Evening

The best thing about this is you don’t need a venue, because who doesn’t love alfresco dining in the park? Charge an attendance fee and be sure all your guests RSVP in advance, so there’s enough food to go around. Organise a quiz to make the evening more enjoyable with prizes for the winning teams. Oh, and do remember to check the weather report!

Read About P.A.C.E and their annual BBQ in aid of cancer patients.


There are no shortage of babies around, and all parents need a break once and a while. So why not help them out?

Let friends and relatives know that you’re babysitting for charity. Parents will be more than happy to entrust their little monsters to someone they know, and it’ll give them a much needed opportunity to go out while you stay in for a good cause.