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One out of two people will get cancer in their lifetime. At Imran Khan Cancer Appeal (IKCA), we treat some of the world’s poorest cancer patients for free. Now your company can power our winning team to do more.

The 1992 Cricket World Cup changed the face of cancer care in Pakistan, thanks to a new hospital inspired by the win. 30 years later, our company partners are putting the power of enterprise into our fight against cancer. Together, we’re doing more for global health equality, as we close the care gap in Pakistan.


We’re expanding our reach, resources, and impact with support from partners like Living Islam Department Store in Bradford, pictured above. With Shaukat Khanum Hospital at the forefront of the fight against cancer in Pakistan, we’re:

  • Raising the standards of healthcare with our JCI accredited hospitals and state-of-the-art medical facilities
  • Investing in infrastructure nationwide by building new hospitals, diagnostics centres, screening clinics and laboratory collection centres and more
  • Developing the way cancer is treated through multidisciplinary care provided by a host of specialist staff
  • Facilitating cancer research specific to Pakistan and the Pakistani community
  • Bridging the care gap in Pakistan by providing free cancer care to 75% of our neediest patients every year



By working with IKCA, our company partners benefit from our long-standing legacy of trust, global recognition, and charitable impact. Here are some of the ways we add value to them and their people:

1. Employee engagement

Service to others boosts confidence and does wonders for personal well-being. That’s why our company partners and their staff find it so rewarding to get involved in our life-saving work. Volunteering with IKCA means being part of a meaningful cause and community. So why not get your employees on board? We have a wide range of volunteering and fundraising initiatives throughout the year. Click below to find out more about volunteering with IKCA.

Volunteer with us


2. Team events and outdoor challenges

Companies who work with us get priority access to our annual outdoor challenges and events. These range from our 3 peaks challenge across the UK to our trailblazing treks in Pakistan.

Your staff can choose to join one of our pre-arranged experiences or we can support you in organising your own. Click below to discover our 2023 activities and how you can take part.

IKCA Outdoor challenges


3. Payroll Giving and philanthropy accreditation

Payroll Giving is a tax-efficient way to give to the causes you and/or your staff want to support regularly. It allows your employees to donate more without having to give more. Because donations are deducted from salaries before tax, a £1 donation will cost the donor just 80p!

The scheme also helps companies earn recognition and reward through the ‘Payroll Giving Quality Mark’. A good way to encourage your staff to sign up for Payroll Giving is to match their donations – this could even earn you the Diamond Quality accreditation. Get in touch to find out more.

4. Boosting your brand profile

We never miss an opportunity to thank our company partners publicly for their support. We link their brand with the causes they care about across all our social media platforms. We feature their fundraising efforts in our news and blogs. We even give them a certificate of appreciation for displaying on their office wall.

Meet Newsagent Tariq Qadeer


5. Opportunities for Sadaqah Jariyah investments

Investing grants, gifts, shares, and other business assets as Sadaqah Jariyah into a hospital that provides healing is one of the most rewarding ways to reap the blessings of your charity. It means patients benefit from your donation for years to come, and you benefit from the blessings in this life and the next.

To date, the Sadaqah Jariyah of our company partners have funded:

  • Vital medical equipment
  • Dedicated hospital wards
  • Operating theatres
  • Chemo bays and intensive care units
  • And even bricks to build cancer hospitals

Now, you can make history again by building our third, and largest cancer hospital.

Help build SKMCH Karachi


6. A trusted Zakat partner

If you’re a Muslim business owner, paying Zakat on your annual profits is an obligation. We can give you peace of mind.

For over 28 years, our supporters have trusted us to administer their Zakat. And we’ve shown them that through the Islamic concept of Zakat, the most basic social justices like healthcare are never impossible. It’s how we’ve been able to provide free cancer care in a country without a national health service for more than a generation.

Find out more about the obligation of Zakat, its conditions in Islam, and Zakat transparency at IKCA.

Give Zakat with IKCA



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