Sponsor the Peshawar Hospital

The rising incidence of cancer around the world is also affecting Pakistan’s poorest.

Shaukat Khanum Hospital (SKMCH) in Peshawar has offered a life-line throughout the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. When we started admitting our first patients in December 2015, the hospital was only partially completed. Yet we were still able to offer chemotherapy from the outset at our 6 bed chemotherapy bay. Also functioning were the Outpatient clinics, Inpatient rooms, an Intensive Care Unit, and an Emergency Assessment Room. By April 2016, with the ongoing support of generous donors, we were able to offer CT scans, MRI scans and Fluoroscopy.

In 2017, we completed the final phase of the Peshawar Project, but there is so much that our hospital still needs. Can you help?

The opening of SKMCH Peshawar has increased our patient intake by 50%. To cope with the rising numbers, we need your support to speed up the process of equipping the hospital. Will you help us invest in equipment that saves people from cancer?

Donate to the Peshawar Project


Free cancer care in Pakistan is possible. We’ve seen it in action over two decades across two cancer hospitals. Now we’re bringing free cancer care to Peshawar, but we need your help.

We’re asking you to give sadaqah jariya towards the Peshawar hospital. Fund equipment, sponsor a room, or become a founding donor. Every donation will be honoured with a dedication plaque that bears the donor’s name. Every brick and piece of equipment donated, will help save lives for years to come.

Other Sponsorships & Dedications


BuildingFloorDepartmentRoom/AreaQtySponsorship Price GBP
Phase 1BasementNuclear MedicinePET CT Scan Room180,000
Phase 1GroundRadiologyUltrasound Room375,000
Phase 1GroundAdministrationMosque (remaining amount)162,170
Phase 1BasementBiomedicalBiomedical Department150,000
Phase 1GroundEmergency AssessmentSatellite Pharmacy135,000
Phase 1BasementNuclear MedicineInjection Room425,000
Phase 1GroundOutpatientNurse Manager Room120,000
Phase 12nd FloorInpatient UnitNursing Station215,000
Phase 12nd FloorInpatient UnitStaff Lounge110,000
Phase 11,000 sq. ft Area272,500


BuildingFloorDepartmentRoom/AreaQtySponsorship Price GBP
Phase 2GroundNuclear MedicineGamma Camera2150,000
Phase 2BasementRadiationCT Scan Room175,000
Phase 21st FloorPathologyPathology Lab (Virology)150,000
Phase 23rd FloorICUICU Room740,000
Phase 2BasementRadiationBrachytherapy Room130,000
Phase 2BasementRadiationPhysicist Room325,000
Phase 21st FloorPathologySpecimen Storage Room120,000
Phase 23rd FloorICUAnesthesia Office115,000
Phase 21st FloorEndoscopyStaff Lounge110,000
Phase 2BasementRadiationStore (Radio Isotope)35,000


BuildingFloorDepartmentRoom/AreaQtySponsorship Price GBP
Phase 33rd FloorOperation TheatreOperation Theatre Room6100,000
Phase 32nd FloorInpatientInpatient Waiting Area150,000
Phase 32nd FloorInpatientMedicine Preparation Room225,000
Phase 33rd FloorInpatientDictation Room120,000
Phase 32nd FloorInpatientDoctor’s Lounge115,000
Phase 32nd FloorInpatientStaff Lounge110,000
Phase 32nd FloorInpatientStore (Inpatient)15,000

* Sponsorship prices are based on placement value of the room/area.

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