Sponsor a Cancer Patient

Pay your Zakat to Imran Khan Cancer Appeal, to support a patient at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Through Zakat funds, we are able to provide free cancer treatment to 75% of our patients each year.

When Imran Khan set out to build a cancer hospital which provided free treatment for poor patients, experts told him it was impossible. He believed that in a Muslim society, where people held fast to the obligation of Zakat, the most basic social justices like equal healthcare for all, were never impossible.

Two decades later we've changed the face of cancer care in Pakistan. Before he went into politics, the now Prime Minister of Pakistan gave his own Zakat and Sadaqah to make Shaukat Khanum Hospital what it is today; an institution trusted by Millions of Muslims paying Zakat each year. This is how we're able to continue running two cancer hospitals, with an approximate annual cost of 3.6 billion rupees each. This is how we support thousands of patients every year.

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Your Zakat gave thousands of children and adults a fair chance against cancer. At Shaukat Khanum Hospital they receive the best treatment available even if they cannot afford the high costs of cancer care.

Your Zakat Saves Lives

Treating cancer costs. In a country of extreme poverty and no national health service, thousands of people diagnosed with cancer, cannot afford treatment. IKCA has been trusted with your Zakat for over 25 years. With it, we provide free medical care to needy patients. Without it, the poor who come to us for healing would have nowhere else to go. At any other hospital, they'd scarcely be able to afford the cost of a diagnosis, let alone treatment and other hospital fees.

Your Zakat heals and more... Through sponsorship, your Zakat covers all the diagnostic and therapeutic hospital fees of one sponsored patient. These range from the high cost of radiation and chemotherapy services, to surgical theatre and medication fees. Patients also receive wider spiritual and psychological care, such as play therapy and education (for children) and moral support for patient families.

Every year, our patients at Shaukat Khanum Hospitals depend on your ongoing support. Can you support the full or partial treatment of a patient with your Zakat?

Many of our patients struggle to meet their daily cost of living even without living in the shadow of cancer. Without your Zakat, they simply couldn't afford a chance at healing.

This year sponsor a cancer patient and their course of treatment.   

Sponsor a Patient with your Zakat

Pay your Zakat with Imran Khan

Back when he was a cricket legend, with dreams of helping his country, Imran Khan had faith in the sincerity with which Muslim Pakistanis held fast to the obligation of Zakat. 25 years later, and by the will of Allah, Imran Khan is Prime Minister, and you're helping to change the face of cancer care in Pakistan.

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