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Shaukat Khanum Hospital cares for thousands of patients who rely on your Zakat. Last year we were able to provide free cancer treatment to 75% of our patients through Zakat funds.

Your Zakat helped us cover all diagnostic and therapeutic hospital fees, which would have racked up bills that Pakistan's poor couldn't dream of settling.

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Ali Ahmad is one of the many children who is growing up battling cancer at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. With the will of Allah, his life has been saved through your Zakat, the efforts of hospital staff and the prayers and sacrifice of his family.

Your Zakat allowed us to give Ali's parents hope and consolation in the knowledge that their child was receiving the best treatment available, without the burden of its unaffordable cost. Read More

Why pay Zakat to a cancer hospital?

It was only through the Zakat of Muslim donors worldwide, that Imran Khan was able to realise his dream of free cancer care for Pakistan's poorest, two decades ago. It's only with your Zakat that we are able to continue this work every year. Without it, we'd be forced to turn away thousands patients who have no chance of recovery in a country with no free national health service.

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Pay Zakat to Save a Life

Every year, our patients at SKMCH Lahore and Peshawar depend on your ongoing support. Can you pay Zakat towards the full or partial treatment of a patient like Ali?

This table provides some idea of the approximate cost of treatment for different types of cancer. Without your Zakat, poor patients in Pakistan simply couldn't afford cancer care.

 Type of CancerApproximate Cost of Treatment
 Germ Cell Tumour£3,440
 Hodgkin's Lymphoma£4,033
 Lung Cancer£4,660
 Multiple Myeloma£5,330
 Breast Cancer£5,340
 Ovarian Cancer£5,410
 Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma£8,000
 Chronic Myeloid Leukemia £10,000
 Acute Lymphobiastic Leukemia£10,270
 Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia£13,328


In Pakistan, many cancer patients are too poor to meet their basic daily needs, let alone the high cost of cancer treatment. Find Out More about our Sponsor a Cancer Patient Appeal, and how you can sponsor the treatment of an individual patient.

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Pay Zakat with Confidence

We know the importance of giving Zakat correctly and care about transparency. Find Out More about how we spend it, and use our Zakat Calculator to help you work out your annual Zakat contribution.

Not sure if you need to pay Zakat? Confused about what this years Nisab value is? Have questions about who can receive Zakat? Worry not, our Zakat Guide will answer all your questions about Zakat and Nisab, and help you calculate your Zakat correctly for this year.

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