Your Zakat is Healing Ali Ahmad

Last year, seven year-old Ali Ahmed was diagnosed with bone cancer. His devastated parents didn’t have the means to afford the high cost of Ali’s treatment. Allah answered their prayers through the generosity of His servants who had given Zakat earlier that year.

“When it happened, Ali was just six,” recalls his mother, Nousheen. “He was playing with his friends after school when he collapsed and we had to take him to a nearby clinic. It was an ordinary day, but it became the most painful one of our lives.”

Little Ali’s parents learned of his condition early on. They spent months taking their son from one hospital to another, seeking treatment. They spent money they could barely spare on tests that were often inconclusive, and Ali’s condition was becoming progressively worse. “We are a working class family. The only treasure my husband and I have, is our little boy. And we were losing our only child, our only reason to live.” Nousheen becomes overwhelmed with emotion as she speaks. Wiping away the tears, she continues, “Our whole family was in great shock, and the pain was double edged with the feeling of helplessness that we cannot even afford the expensive treatment.”

Ali’s mother then explains their relief on arriving at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. “It is a different world. Unlike government facilities, nobody scolded or refused to cooperate with us. Right from entering the walk-in clinic until today, we received the best medical attention. It is unbelievable that we are receiving all this without paying a single penny.”

Ali was admitted to Shaukat Khanum Hospital immediately after his biopsy. His treatment began and within two weeks he’d received his first chemotherapy session. “The result was painful,” Nousheen recalls, “His body refused to accept the severity of the medicine. Soon he stared losing his hair and his color went pale. At every chemotherapy session, the whole day we prayed to Allah Almighty for the life of our beloved son.”

The prayers of Ali’s parents, the efforts of his doctors, and the Zakat of the generous donors who helped to fund his treatment eventually bore fruit. After an initial scare, where Ali had to spend a week in intensive care, his health has shown marked improvement. Ali received 6 courses of chemotherapy before his operation in December last year. Since then, the rate of his recovery has been remarkable.

Ali Ahmed is due to receive two more sessions of chemotherapy in the coming months. After that, and with the grace of Allah, he will be in the clear. As per hospital policy, Ali will have regular follow-up visits for up to five years, which will allow our doctors to continue monitoring his health. Just as with his treatment, his family won’t have to pay a penny for this service.

“I also pray for every person who supports Shaukat Khanum Hospital,” says Ali’s mother. “It is with their support that my Ali got treated and will be living a healthy life in the future.”

The Zakat that our supporters donated in 2017, helped to pay for all of Ali’s tests, his hospital care, and the six chemotherapy sessions he underwent before his operation. It paid for his surgery, and it will pay for the remaining two chemo sessions he is due to receive. For over two decades, we’ve born witness to the healing power of your Zakat, through the will of Allah. Without it, Shaukat Khanum Hospital would not exist.

Please continue to support us through your Zakat and other donations.

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