2023 Qurbani Feedback


We marked Eid ul-Adha 2023 with 52,300 Qurbani orders. With your help and support, our team distributed a record 562,000 kgs of premium meat to 93,000 families in need across Pakistan. Your generosity allowed them to celebrate the Eid holiday with a protein-packed meat dish for the first time in months.

Despite the cost-of-living pressures, our UK* donors contributed 19,066 cow shares and 3,748 goats to the distribution drive. Watch our video to see the difference you made.

*In the last five years, our donors in the UK have significantly increased the volume of their Qurbani orders, providing hope and sustenance to the poorest despite financial shocks and challenges at home. This is a testament to their trust in Allah (SWT) and their confidence in our Qurbani process.

Description201920202021 20222023
Cow Shares9,35212,60014,64514,18119,066
Total Orders10,88614,62617,05016,56922,814



Thousands lined up to receive Qurbani meat from our team, from day labourers to young mothers, to children, the elderly, and the infirm. Our staff went the extra mile by visiting homes in marginalised neighbourhoods and assisting those who were unable to travel to our collection points. Everyone worked tirelessly to ensure the distribution drive, our biggest one to date, was orderly and efficient, allowing people to receive their parcels with dignity and respect.

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