See the difference you made last year

Did you know that you helped save over 13,213 cancer patients last year alone? Super heroes don’t always wear capes.

For the last 24, years since the establishment of our Hospital in Lahore, you helped us raise £307 million in total, saving the lives of 147,450 individuals battling cancer. Last year alone, your donations helped provide:

  • 13,213 Lives Saved / Admissions
  • 64,737 Radiation Therapy
  • 5,106,837 Pathology Tests
  • 47,669 Chemotherapy Treatments
  • 15,779 Operations

Download our annual review for more detailed feedback on our achievements and our goals for 2019:

For 2019, we’ve set a budget of £77 million. This will enable us to continue providing a high standard in free cancer care to over 75% of all cancer patients who register at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Raising this amount will also help us to fund the construction of the Clinical Tower in Lahore, the development of surgical services in Peshawar, and the construction of the hospital in Karachi.

As in the past, we rely on your generous donations and Zakat in order to meet at least half of this target. Please continue to support us, as you have always done, and give generously to bring hope to those suffering from cancer in Karachi, in Sind and Baluchistan, and in all of Pakistan.

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