Meet some of our small superheroes

Ghadeer Zainab

Diagnosed with Lymphoma at the tender age of eight, Ghadeer Zainab held fast to her studies throughout her struggle with cancer.

While undergoing treatment at Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Ghadeer was concerned about missing out on school. With her parents’ consent, she began the SKMCH education program – studying alongside other child cancer patients in her age group. Amidst her battle with cancer, Ghadeer was able to complete year 3. The day she joined the procession ceremony of her class graduation at Shaukat Khanum Hospital, her parents shed tears of pride.

After undergoing 6 months of chemotherapy, Ghadeer’s fierce spirit won against cancer. Her treatment would not have been possible, if it weren’t for the sponsorship of generous donors. Ghadeer and her parents are still praying for them.

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Waqar Ahmed

Waqar Ahmed comes from an average, working class family in Lahore. For his parents, who struggle to make ends meet, Waqar’s cancer diagnosis in 2011, felt like a death sentence for their only son.

Waqar underwent 16 chemo sessions during his 8 months of treatment at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. At age 17, now he is in the clear, and back at school with all his other friends. Waqar still comes in regularly for follow-up checkups, but this isn’t the only reason why he visits Shaukat Khanum Hospital. A born artist, singer, actor and a performer, Waqar volunteers with the hospital’s Activities Team, to help support and boost the morale of cancer patients still receiving treatment.

“I pray to God for the fulfilment of my son’s dreams,” says Waqar’s mother. “I also pray for the hospital’s management, doctors, staff, and above all, the supporters of Imran khan Cancer Appeal. Their help saved my son’s life.”

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Jayson Haroon

At age 12, Jayson was diagnosed with Eving Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer in his left leg. Jayson began undergoing fortnightly chemotherapy sessions.

Jayson’s treatment went on for two years until the doctor decided it would be best to remove the infected part of his leg. It was especially difficult for Jayson’s family to see their little soldier battling not only cancer, but also the side effects from the chemo sessions. After the surgery, Jayson was completely cured, and no longer required regular treatment.

Now three years on, and cancer free, Mr. Haroon proudly shares the news of Jayson’s 80% score on his 9th grade exams. Heroically battling cancer is no small feat, but one truth stands, Jayson wouldn’t have been given a chance at survival without donor support. Their generous sponsorship provided a lifeline for him, and many other children like him, in their time of greatest need.

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Sponsor a Child Patient at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Give one child with cancer a chance at life.

Over 20 children a day are diagnosed with cancer in Pakistan. In a country with no national health service, and 40% of the population living in poverty, the survival rates are much lower than here in the UK. With the will of Allah, only your support can give many of them a fair chance against cancer.

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