How free cancer care saved Jayson Haroon’s life

“My biggest fear was not being able to afford my son’s hospital stay and treatment expenses. But Shaukat Khanum staff informed me that the treatment and stay were already all paid for…” – Jayson’s father, Mr. Haroon.

When the pain relief pills prescribed by his local doctor failed to treat 12 year old Jayson, his father Mr. Haroon assumed the worst and lost no time rushing his son to Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital walk-in clinic. There, after a comprehensive check-up and biopsy, Jayson was diagnosed with Eving Sarcoma, a type of bone cancer in his left leg.

“When the doctor said it was cancer, I immediately thought of death. The thought of losing my son was devastating. But the hospital staff was great at providing the moral support we all needed to make it through our most darkest of times.”

Mr. Haroon had heard of Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital but his visit exceeded all of his expectations. “The comprehensive care each patient receives, as well as the established system they have in place was all very impressive to see. It was nothing like I would have expected.”

Jayson began undergoing fortnightly chemotherapy sessions. It was especially difficult for Jayson’s family to see their little soldier battling not only cancer, but also the side effects from the chemo sessions.

“My son was recovering with help from a professional team of doctors, but my biggest fear was not being able to afford his hospital stay and treatment expenses. To my pleasant surprise, Shaukat Khanum staff informed me that the treatment and stay were all free of cost, because everything was already all paid for, by the kind donors. I was absolutely thrilled by this news. No words could express my gratitude.”

Jayson’s treatment went on for two years until the doctor decided it would be best to remove the infected part of his leg. After the surgery, Jayson was completely cured, and no longer required regular treatment.

“The sheer courage and resilience that my son displayed throughout the two years of his treatment made us the proudest parents alive.”

Now three years on, and cancer free, Mr. Haroon proudly shares the news of Jayson’s 80% score on his 9th grade exams. Heroically battling cancer is no small feat, but one truth stands, Jayson wouldn’t have been given a chance at survival without your support. Your donations provide a lifeline for children like Jayson at their greatest time of need.

Find Out how you can gift your zakat and sadaqah to give hope of life to a patient in need at Shaukat Khanum Hospital.


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