Heal With Your Zakat

Heal a patient with your Zakat.

Every Muslim knows that Allah has promised healing for those who give charity. So how much more important and beneficial is it to give Zakat, which is obligatory on us all and the second pillar of Islam?

And treat your sick by giving charity… [Hadith -Al-Bayhaqi, 3/282]

Zakat is a right of the poor. For the giver, it cleanses wealth and purifies the soul from greed and worldly attachments. It is a vital step towards spiritual healing and drawing near to Allah. Learn about the Facts of Zakat, and Calculate your Zakat with our complete Zakat Guide and Calculator.

For over two decades, we’ve born witness to the healing power of your Zakat, through the will of Allah. Without it, Shaukat Khanum Hospital would not exist. Last year we were able to provide free cancer treatment to 75% of our patients through Zakat funds. We covered all the diagnostic and therapeutic hospital fees of poor patients who could otherwise not afford treatment. Let your Zakat heal the sick, and reap its purifying benefits, for the sake of Allah.

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Support Cancer Patients

Sponsor a cancer patient like Osama Shahzad

Osama Shahzad was one of the many children who grew up battling cancer at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. With the will of Allah, his life was saved through your Zakat, the efforts of hospital staff and the prayers and sacrifice of his family. Find out More

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Support Hospitals Through Charity

We need your Sadaqah just as much as we need your Zakat. Your Sadaqah and Sadaqah Jariya allows us to purchase life saving hospital equipment that we cannot buy with Zakat funds.

At Imran Khan Cancer Appeal, we are very particular about the disbursement of Zakat funds you entrust to us. That’s why the Zakat we receive is utilised exclusively for providing direct care to poor patients. For every other expense, we use Sadaqah.

Find out more about how we spend your Sadaqh and why we rely on it just as much as your Zakat.