Awais and Asawer: meet the faces of Shaukat Khanum Hospital's Zakat campaign for Ramadan 2017

“He is very young but he worries like an adult, because he is that friend who wishes to have you by his side forever.”

Awais and Asawer were the faces of Shaukat Khanum Hospital’s Zakat campaign for Ramadan 2017. Their friendship reminded us all of the true blessings we take for granted, and inspired IKCA supporters worldwide to give generously throughout the Holy Month.

At IKCA, we know that cancer is often the most difficult fight a person has to face in their lives. This is true for adults. Yet there are thousands of children who are clinging to life through cancer worldwide. Often we can’t even imagine what they are living through in their minds, or how life and the world must seem to them through so much pain.

Awais and Asawer are just two out of the many we treat at Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Pakistan. Their friendship is like the friendship of so many of our paediatric patients, who support each other through the fight in their own way as children. Their friendship gives us strength to continue our own fight: to beat cancer and give hope to the most hopeless and destitute, in their time of greatest need.

Watch the story that inspired us all:

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