Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust: 2022 Annual report

In 2022, we spent £40m of your Zakat on providing direct patient care for 75% of our poorest patients. Download our free annual Feedback Report to find out more.

Last year was a very busy time for Imran Khan Cancer Appeal and Shaukat Khanum Hospital. Our latest Feedback report reveals all the wonderful work that was done, including interviews with Bone Marrow Transplant Specialist Nurse Rabia Ali who shared how patients felt they were receiving a ‘mother’s care’ from our team.

Charity supporters Amreen and Dr Hina Wahid have been keeping up the good fight against cancer; they share their experiences as volunteers and participants in IKCA’s outdoor challenges. And our Chairman, Imran Khan, tells us about his personal experience of being treated at our hospital in Lahore.

Download our free annual Feedback Report to find out more.


The past year has been especially difficult for our most vulnerable patients. With the global crisis and floods creating further hardships, your Zakat and Sadaqah donations are more important than ever. Please continue to support our lifesaving work.

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