New Year New You Health Guide

In the fight against cancer, you come first; because prevention is the best cure.

Observing a healthy lifestyle to better maintain the body Allah gave us is as much a religious obligation as it is a personal and social one. Now with 2019 around the corner, the best resolution you can make is to take better care of yourself.

At IKCA, we want all our supporters to put themselves first in their fight against cancer. To help, we’ve put together a quick tips guide to a healthier new you in the New Year.

If you Smoke, Quit Now

It’s never too late to stop smoking. Even if you’ve smoked for years, quitting now can reduce your risk of lung cancer and protect your loved ones from second hand smoke. If you find it difficult, you might consider Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). You can find more information about NRT Here, but do talk to your doctor to find the best ways and/or aids to help you break the habit. You may also want to download the NHS Smoke Free App, which offers daily support and motivation for those trying to quit.

Exercise Regularly

Cancer forms when cells divide too much and multiply out of control. This is often encouraged by the imbalance of hormones, which regulate our bodily functions. Having high levels of some hormones, like Oestrogen, can increase your risk of cancer.

Unfortunately, one of the common features of our modern day lives is that we’ve become less active. Whereas exercise helps maintain healthy hormone levels, decreases inflammation, improves immune function and contributes to higher levels of natural antioxidants. It also reduces other factors that can contribute to the growth of cancer such as insulin. Other benefits of being physically active include the regulation of bowels, which reduces the amount of time harmful chemicals are retained in our body in the form of waste.

To kickstart your new exercise routine, why not sign up for 3PC or some of IKCA’s other Challenges coming up in 2019? Alternatively you might consider taking part in a local cycle, race or run for charity.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

There’s no single food that can prevent or fight cancer. But to help lower your risk of cancer, start consuming a balanced plant-based diet. Ideally this should include a variety of vegetables, fruits, soy, nuts, whole grains, and beans. In addition, you should choose a diet rich in antioxidants such as selenium, beta-carotene and vitamins C and E. These can protect against oxidants, which lead to cell damage. Ideally these vitamins and minerals should occur naturally in the food you eat. Avoid taking them in supplement form, since these can in fact cause more harm than good!

Avoid Endocrine Disruptive Chemicals (EDCs)

Scientific data strongly suggests that exposure to EDCs increase our vulnerability to cancer. These synthetic chemicals are found in common household products. You can avoid them by:

  • Minimising your use of plastics and tins to store food and water.
  • Saying no to containers marked PET or PETE, and avoiding tinned foods and anything containing BPA;
  • Opting for fragrance-free cosmetics, personal care and cleaning products;
  • Taking care to eat unprocessed, organic foods that are grown without pesticides;
  • Replacing your non-stick pans and cooking utensils with steel or cast iron;
  • Dusting often (with a damp cloth) and vacuuming regularly (with a HEPA filtered cleaner) to eliminate dangerous chemicals that accumulate in household dust. These are caused by flame retardants that most manufacturers treat technological appliances and furniture with. Find out More.

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