IKCA – Wish to Give Sadaqah to a Charity Focused on Health?

Being diagnosed with cancer is frightening but if you’re unable to secure the treatment you need, it can instantly feel like the end of the world.

Unfortunately, that’s the reality for many poorer people in Pakistan.  If you want to donate your Sadaqah to a noble cause, that’s guaranteed with IKCA.

Named after the famous philanthropist and current PM of Pakistan, Imran Khan, our cancer charity is committed to supporting poorer patients struggling with cancer.

Although the literal translation of Sadaqah is ‘righteousness’, in the modern world its meaning is closer to ‘voluntary charity’. This beautiful concept is an important part of the Muslim world. It’s an act of kindness that doesn’t expect anything in return, and considered ‘a sign of sincere faith’.

Bring free cancer care to Pakistan’s most vulnerable people.

IKCA enables you to easily donate Zakat or Sadaqah online from anywhere in the world. In giving your Sadaqah to our charity, you’ll be changing the lives of cancer patients who would otherwise not stand a chance.

Your donations will go towards providing treatment for cancer patients, including nutritional food, medical equipment, and constructing cancer hospitals. Our vital work benefits thousands of patients, many of whom are young people. Along with donating, you can also sponsor a child patient or participate in any of our other appeals.

If you’re looking to give Sadaqah to a health charity in Pakistan, find out more about IKCA. Or please make a donation online today.

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