Thank You from Tabeel

Last Ramadan, Tabeel was diagnosed with non-metastatic Ewing’s sarcoma. She is currently completing her seventh chemo cycle at Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

World Cancer Day Message from Dr. Qazi

Dr. Abid Qazi talks about the importance of cancer awareness and how we treat cancer at SKMCH. (Urdu with English Subtitles)

Talha Survived Cancer

At age 15, Muhammad Talha was diagnosed with a cancer. The tumour was so close to his heart, doctors refused to operate. This is how he survived. (Urdu with English Subtitles)

Imran Khan’s Karachi Appeal

SKMCH Karachi Appeal. We’re building Pakistan’s third cancer hospital to tackle the rising incidence of cancer in Karachi. (Urdu with English Subtitles)

Laying the Foundation for SKMCH in Karachi

Dr. Asim Yusuf (Chief Medical Officer, SKMCH&RC) at the the Karachi hospital Groundbreaking Ceremony. (English)

Groundbreaking for SKMCH in Karachi

Dr. Faisal Sultan (CEO, SKMCH) at the Groundbreaking Ceremony of Pakistan’s third Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital. (English)

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