Feed a Cancer Patient

This Ramadan, spare a thought for our cancer patients at Shaukat Khanum Hospital

Managing our nutritional input and ensuring a healthy diet is essential for all us when we’re fasting. It takes thought, but it’s relatively straightforward for most of us. But just imagine the difficulties that a patient undergoing cancer treatment must face each day.

Most of us know that cancer and its treatments can affect taste, smell and appetite. Patients can vomit and experience severe weight loss which often leads to malnutrition.  And a weak and tired patient is unable to fight infection or complete their course of treatment.  All of which compounds the problems we face in helping them to recover.

This is where you come in.

Feed 1 Patient For 30 Days With £75
Feed 100 Patients 3 Meals for one day with £250

With your help, we can keep our patients on the correct cancer diet and ensure that every meal is another step towards recovery from cancer.

At Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMCH), we have to personalise the dietary plan for each and every patient.  Ensuring they get exactly the right foods in the right way at the right time is time consuming and expensive.  This is why we need your donations.

Support our Feed a Patient campaign and help give a patient a better chance of a full recovery Insha’Allah.

Feed 1 Patient For 30 Days With £75

Your Fidya and Kaffarah will feed cancer patients

If you aren’t fasting this Ramadan, for a valid or even invalid reason, you will need to pay Fidyah or Kaffarah to make up for those fasts you miss. At IKCA, we use your Fidyah and Kaffarah to feed poor cancer patients receiving treatment at Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

A good meal is something many of us can take for granted. But for poor cancer patients in Pakistan, it’s not something that is easy to come by. Please sponsor a meal or two and help us to carry on feeding our patients well.

Pay Your Kaffarah £300

Did you know that we use your Fitrana to feed needy cancer patients at Shaukat Khanum Hospital as well? Find out more below…

Fidyah, Kaffarah & Fitrana Simplified