Feed a Cancer Patient

Help our patients beat cancer, once meal at a time.

On the road to recovery from cancer, proper nutrition is essential. Yet most patients who qualify for free cancer care at Shaukat Khanum Hospital, are often undernourished even before they begin treatment.

Malnutrition is a dire side-effect of poverty. It can make you sick or more susceptible to disease. To ensure recovery, it must be addressed immediately. Yet some of our patients can barely afford one meal a day, let alone the essential vitamins and supplements they lack. This is why your support is vital.

Cancer patients need strength, because often they aren’t just fighting cancer, they’re also fighting the side effects of chemotherapy. Many of our patients suffer from loss of appetite and even have trouble keeping down their food. They may need to be drip-fed and given the supplements they require intravenously. With every patient reacting differently to treatment, it’s vital to ensure each receives a diet tailored to their needs and condition.

The Feed a Cancer Patient appeal is a small ask that makes a big difference to our cancer patients. With as little as £5, you can help them regain their strength and health, one meal at a time.

£5 can feed a patient three meals a day £75 can feed a patient for 30 days

A Personalised Dietary Plan for each Patient.

A good meal is something many of us can take for granted. But for poor cancer patients in Pakistan, it’s not something that is easy to come by. Many are undernourished even before they’re admitted, and the vitamins and nutrients we need to strengthen their bodies can be expensive.

At Shaukat Khanum Hospital, we have to personalise the dietary plan for each patient, ensuring they get exactly the right nutrients in the right way at the right juncture of their treatment. Watch the video of Shaukat Khanum Clinical Nutritionist, Rashidah Javid, to find out more.

By helping us feed our patients, you aren’t just providing a day’s worth of sustenance, you’re paving the way to recovery, one meal at a time.

£5 can feed a patient three meals a day £75 can feed a patient for 30 days

Fidya, Kaffarah and Fitrana.

Did you know that we use your Fitrana, Fidya and Kaffarah to feed needy cancer patients at Shaukat Khanum Hospital? If you have unpaid Fidya and/or Kaffarah, and would like to find out more, click below.

Can cancer patients not afford their own food?.

The cancer patients who qualify for free treatment at Shaukat Khanum Hospital, are often too poor to afford food. Most travel long distances to come to our hospitals, and face financial difficulty in a big city that is strange to them. To find out more about the situation of needy cancer patients at our hospitals, read our blog: One Meal at a Time.