Feed a Cancer Patient

We all know the importance of a healthy, balanced diet. But, when you’re ill it’s even more important to make sure that you’re getting the nutrients and vitamins you need to get better.

For patients diagnosed with cancer, it’s absolutely vital that they are eating well. But, each patient is different. Some are able to eat solids, others will require soft foods, and in some cases, tube feeding is the only option. Cancer and its treatments can also cause patients to suffer from vomiting, severe weight loss, and loss of appetite. These prevent a patient from maintaining a healthy weight.

Feed 1 Patient 3 Meals for one day with £7.50
Feed 100 Patients 3 Meals for one day with £250

Feed 100 Patients 3 Meals for one week with £1,750

At Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital (SKMCH), we strive to ensure that every cancer patient has his/her own dietary plan which provides their specific nutritional requirements. By eating well, they are able to build up the strength and energy they need to fight cancer. With your help, we can keep our patients on the correct cancer diet and ensure that every meal is another step towards recovery from cancer.

A good meal is something many of us can take for granted. But for poor cancer patients in Pakistan, it’s not something that is easy to come by. Please sponsor a meal or two and help us to carry on feeding our patients well.