The Obligations of Kaffarah

Like Fidyah, Kaffarah is an important part of the Islamic tradition; it is paid when we fail to observe a fast in Ramadan without a valid reason. Only one Kaffarah payment is due each year, regardless of how many fasts we miss.

Pay Your Kaffarah

If we miss a fast in Ramadan without a valid reason, we must not only make up for the missed fasts but also pay compensation, known as Kaffarah.

This is a one-off payment which is traditionally used to feed sixty poor people. It helps us provide for those in need and serves as a way for us to honour our commitments during Ramadan.

It is important to remember that Kaffarah is only due if we miss a fast without a valid reason. If we miss a fast because of a long-term illness or old age, then we do not need to make a payment.

Pay Your Kaffarah

This year, Imran Khan Cancer Appeal is accepting Kaffarah payments to help provide hospital meals for our poorest patients. Many of them come to us malnourished, leaving them vulnerable to the adverse effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

To give them the best chance of survival, we must provide them with the essential vitamins and nutrients they need for their therapy. By paying £360 with us this month, your Kaffarah will help us do just that.

Pay Your Kaffarah