The Obligations of Kaffarah

Kaffarah is payable by people who have missed or broken a fast, during Ramadan, without a valid reason. In such a situation, one must still make up the missed or broken fast(s), however, compensation is also due. This involves doing one of the following :

  • Fasting for 60 days
  • Paying to have 60 poor people fed

Only one Kaffarah is payable per Ramadan, regardless of how many fasts are missed.

Pay Your Kaffarah

£300 for the month

Imran Khan Cancer Appeal (IKCA) uses your Kaffarah payments to feed poor cancer patients receiving treatment at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. For them, a good meal isn’t easy to come by. Yet their recovery depends on a nutritious diet to give them the strength to fight back. So the Kaffarah you pay through IKCA doesn't just feed the needy, it helps pave the way to recovery, one meal at a time.

When paying your Kaffarah through IKCA, please ensure you select ‘Kaffarah’ from the drop-down menu when you pay.

Pay Your Kaffarah