The Obligations of Fitrana

Fitrana, which is also known as Zakat ul Fitr, is an important payment that all Muslims, adults and children alike, make before the end of Ramadan. The purpose of Fitrana is to share a meal of joy and comfort with the poorest at Eid, and it is paid regardless of whether we were able to fast during the holy month.

Pay Your Fitrana

The Obligations of Fitrana - Imran Khan Cancer Appeal

The required amount of Fitrana was described by the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) as one ‘saa’. The monetary equivalent of this today is £6 worth of staple food. The recommended minimum amount of Fitrana to be paid by each person is therefore around £6 this year, but of course, you can pay more if you are able, as Fitrana is a meaningful way for us to mark the end of Ramadan and express our appreciation for the blessings we have received.

So, pay your Fitrana with a generous heart. And remember, although a primary breadwinner can donate on behalf of dependants, like children or elderly relatives, it is always favourable for anyone with personal wealth to give from their own resources.

Pay Your Fitrana

This year, Imran Khan Cancer Appeal is accepting Fitrana donations to provide delicious, nutritious meals for our neediest patients.

To ensure our meals are ready in time for Eid, please pay your Fitrana early rather than waiting until the last few days of Ramadan.

Pay Your Fitrana