Zakat al-fitr, commonly known as ‘Fitrana’, is the compulsory charity paid by every Muslim – adult and child – as early as possible before the end of Ramadan. It is a way for Muslims to give thanks that they were able to complete the month of fasting.

How much to Pay

The cost or rate of Fitrana may change from year to year depending on the rise in food prices. The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) described the required quantity of Fitrana as one saa. The monetary equivalent of saa today (as per Ramadan 2020) is £5 worth of staple food.

£5 per Person

However remember the Bukhari narrated Hadith:

None of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.’

Therefore, when paying Fitrana, we should ask ourselves:

Is the the amount we pay equivalent to the cost of a normal meal that would satisfy our own hunger?

Is the amount we pay in line with our own financial situation?

The recommended rate of £5 therefore is not a fixed price. £5 reflects the bare minimum that we should be paying for Fitrana and the more you give in line with your own standards the better.  Remember, it all counts as charity from you.

When to Pay

The end of Ramadan is when many people pay Zakat Fitrana. However, Fitrana is time sensitive. It is important that it reaches the poor in time for Eid so they can celebrate the festival with enough to eat. Therefore, when paying Fitrana, please do so early rather than waiting until the last fews days of Ramadan.  This helps us to plan ahead and coordinate the food for our patients.

Who Pays

The head of a household can pay Fitrana on behalf of dependants such as children, servants or other relatives. However, according to the scholarly consensus, if a child has personal wealth, they should pay Fitrana from that wealth.

How we use your Fitrana

Imran Khan Cancer Appeal (IKCA) accepts Fitrana payments. We use your Fitrana to feed poor cancer patients receiving treatment at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. For these patients, a good meal isn’t easy to come by. We must, however, provide the nutrients these patients need to recover their strength and fight back at cancer. The Fitrana you pay through IKCA helps pave the way to recovery, one meal at a time. Find out More.

When paying your Fitrana online through IKCA, it is vital that we are informed of your intention. Fitrana payments are time sensitive and can only be used towards feeding people. Please help us by ensuring you select ‘Fitrana’ from the drop down menu before you pay.

Pay Your Fitrana