Obligations of Fidyah

Fidyah is an important part of the Islamic tradition that allows us to fulfil our Ramadan obligations in different ways; it is a payment made to provide around two daily meals for another as compensation for every fast that we miss, for valid reasons, and cannot make up later.

Pay Your Fidyah

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is compulsory for Muslims who are in good health, of sound mind and physically able. As believers, we look forward to this every year as it is a time for spiritual reflection, prayer and re-connection with Allah (SWT). But should we find ourselves unable to fast due to a long-term illness or old age, we have the option of paying Fidyah.

Fidyah Obligations - Imran Khan Cancer Appeal

It is important to remember that Fidyah should not be confused with Kaffarah, which is compensation paid for fasts that we miss without a valid reason. It is also recommended that we consider the quality of food that we would usually eat when deciding how much Fidyah to give, as it is favourable to pay for the same quality of food rather than the bare minimum. We should also keep in mind that the amount of Fidyah may be different from one year to the next, depending on the changing price of food.

Pay Your Fidyah

This year, Imran Khan Cancer Appeal is accepting Fidyah donations to help provide hospital meals for our poorest patients. Many of them come to us malnourished, leaving them vulnerable to the adverse effects of chemotherapy and other cancer treatments.

To give them the best chance of survival, we must provide them with the essential vitamins and nutrients they need for their therapy. By giving £6 for every fast you miss this year, your Fidyah will help us do just that.

Pay Your Fidyah