Waqas Habib: I ran 22 Kms in just 2 hours, in aid of cancer patients at Shaukat Khanum Hospital

“I chose to run for IKCA for many reasons. First off the motive behind the founding of Shaukat Khanum Hospital is just amazing.”

On Sunday the 10th of September, Waqas Habib took part in the Great Run half marathon in Manchester. He dedicated his challenge to the plight of poor cancer patients in Pakistan, and spent the months prior raising awareness and funds for Imran Khan Cancer Appeal. On the day, Waqas ran 22 Kms (13.1 miles) in just 2 hours 22 minutes and 20 seconds.

‘I chose to run for IKCA for many reasons,’ said Waqas ‘First off the motive behind the founding of Shaukat Khanum Hospital is just amazing. Imran Khan

’s mother died of cancer because it was difficult to get cancer treatment in Pakistan at the time. Afterwards, Imran Khan founded Shaukat Khanum Hospital because he was determined to make cancer treatment available in his country for people who would otherwise not be able to afford it. That to me says it all. It’s such a selfless act to take lessons from your own losses and create something positive which can change the lives of others’

Waqas received a huge deal of support from all his friends, family and colleagues at work. It was their donations and encouragement that spurred Waqas onlast Sunday to complete the run in such a record time.

‘This is just a small effort for me, in contribution to what Imran Khan is doing,’ said Waqas. Ever our modest hero, he’s appealed to British Pakistanis, IKCA supporters and everyone who believes that we can beat cancer to continue supporting this cause. ‘Please donate or contribute what you can. Even a penny can change someone’s life!’

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