Sana Sajid: I volunteered in the chemo bay of the paediatric ward at SKMCH Lahore

“For him, these were the only few fun moments he would have in his day.”

Sana Sajid is a member of the Shaukat Khanum Tiger’s Club – a youth club in Pakistan, which organises awareness-raising activities and allows students to volunteer at Shaukat Khanum Hospital (SKMCH). Sana spent a week on the volunteer program at SKMCH Lahore. At the paediatric ward, where she helped out, she learnt a great deal from the patients she made friends with.

Initially Sana didn’t see the value in playing with child patients. She wanted to do something more helpful, and and was easily distracted by her phone. But all of that changed.

“I was in the chemo bay playing Ludo with a pediatric cancer patient when he stopped and said to me, ‘Please come again tomorrow to play with me, I get bored sitting alone sometimes.‘ That moment I realized the true value of my volunteer work. For me these are just a couple of minutes out of twenty-four hours—for him, these were the only few fun moments he would have in his day.

“From then onwards, I put away my phone and made it my duty to spend as much time possible with each patient. I’m grateful to Shaukat Khanum Hospital for giving us an opportunity to experience these precious moments with cancer patients.”

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