Muhammad Asim: I volunteered at the paediatric ward of Shaukat Khanum Hospital, Lahore.

“Spending time with patients help give them a few moments of normalcy.”

Muhammad Asim is a member of the Shaukat Khanum Tiger’s Club –a youth club in Pakistan, which organises awareness-raising activities and allows students to volunteer at Shaukat Khanum Hospital (SKMCH). Muhammad spent one week on the volunteer program at SKMCH Lahore. At the paediatric ward, where he helped out, he learnt a great deal from the patients he made friends with.

“After we finished playing a game of Ludo, the child said to me, ‘Playing Ludo is really fun but you know what’s even more fun? It’s not having to be sick all the time.’ These were the words that really touched the bottom of my heart. I realized then that spending time with patients help give them a few moments of normalcy. In these moments they can play and while the game lasts, they are not sick.

“I believe Shaukat Khanum Hospital is doing brilliant work in providing state-of-the-art treatment to the underprivileged, and I am a witness that this is done without any discrimination.”

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