Maria Hanif: I walked 3 miles to raise funds for poor cancer patients in Pakistan. I'm five years-old, and this is my first fundraising challenge.

“As parents, we see the positive impact this challenge has had on Maria: teaching her about responsibility, perseverance and sacrifice.”

Aged five, Maria is possibly IKCA’s youngest volunteer. She set herself the challenge of walking 3 miles in aid of cancer patients in Pakistan. Here’s what Maria’s dad had to say about his daughter’s determination to give people the hope of life.

“Maria’s interest in IKCA began when she started becoming very curious at age four. One afternoon when my wife and I were showing her our weddings photographs, she asked us if we got wedding presents. We explained to her that we had, but we’d donated them all to IKCA. When she asked us why, we explained to her that IKCA is a charity that offers free treatment to unwell children and adults. She then asked us how the charity can afford to do this and we explained to her that it was through donations –like ours.”

“Maria is five now, and earlier in the year she’d been showing interest in wanting to contribute to the charity. So we set her a challenge: walk 3 miles for the charity, and ask people to support your cause. Maria took it more seriously than we did. She raised an amazing £2,360 on her Justgiving page at, and made us, and all her sponsors proud by completing the 3 mile walk with head held high.”

“As a family, we found the whole experience very rewarding. As parents we see the positive impact it has had on Maria, teaching her about responsibility, perseverance and sacrifice.”

Maria’s Justgiving page is still active and the donations are still rolling in. If you’d like to support her cause, please donate today.


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