2022 Qurbani Feedback


We closed Eid ul-Adha 2022 with a total of 42,779 Qurbani orders. With your help and support, we were able to distribute a total 492,000 kgs of meat to 82,000 families in need in Pakistan, allowing them to celebrate the Eid holiday with a special meal of meat for the first time in months.

Despite the cost-of-living pressures, our donors in the UK* contributed 14,645 cow shares and 2,405 goats. We thank you for fulfilling your commitment with us and hope that you and your families experienced the Barakah blessings associated with it.

*The last five years of Qurbani bookings in the UK have been incredibly encouraging, with our donors demonstrating increased generosity in times of crisis. Orders for Cow Shares more than doubled from 6,795 in 2018 to 14,645 in 2021 and Goats from 1,284 to 2,405 over the same period. Even in the challenging economic climate of 2022, we recorded a total of 16,569 orders. This is a testament to the trust our donors have in Allah (SWT) and in our Qurbani process.

Description2018201920202021 2022
Cow Shares6,7959,35212,60014,64514,181
Total Orders8,07910,88614,62617,05016,569



With the pandemic and other global issues continuing to cause hardships in Pakistan, we saw thousands of people line up to receive their Qurbani meat from us again last year. We took extra measures to ensure the safety of our staff and those receiving the meat, providing masks, maintaining social distancing and giving care and attention to the vulnerable and elderly. Our teams worked diligently to make sure the distribution was orderly, so that everyone could receive their meat with dignity and respect.

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