Mohammed Shah’s Greater Manchester Marathon for IKCA

Meet Mohammed Shah, a British Pakistani living in Manchester with a passion for running. He’s been running marathons for almost 2 years and does an average of 20 to 25 miles a week spread over 3 to 4 runs each week! We caught up with Shah, who will be doing the Greater Manchester Marathon for IKCA.

“I always aim to maintain my fitness to a level where I can participate in such challenges including marathons and half marathons” says Shah, who has turned his passion for running into a way to benefit others. “In the past I have fundraised for Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity and Cancer Research UK by taking part in running events. However, this is my first time to fundraise for IKCA.”

When asked why he chose IKCA, Shah has this to say: “What influenced my decision to fundraise for IKCA is Imran Khan, and his struggle to help the needy people of Pakistan.  Growing up in the UK as a child in the 1980s, through my teenage years as a student at high school and university, Imran Khan was a role model as a sportsman and a leader. Therefore, as a British Pakistani I would like to give something back to a country where my origins belong.”

When asked about his training schedule for the marathon, Shah tells us that a typical week will start with a 12 mile run on day one; 5 mile runs on day 2 and 3; cross training at the gym on days 4 and 5; followed by two days of much deserved rest on days 6 and 7. If that isn’t dedication, we’re not sure what is!

If you’d like to support Shah, you can donate to his Justgiving page, here:


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