Meet the IKCA Grand Prize Draw Winners: Syma

On the 13th of July, thousands of IKCA supporters tuned in live on Facebook for the IKCA Grand Prize Draw. In its second year running, the competition has been a huge hit, with scores of entries from around the UK. The draw was conducted by IKCA’s very own Ikhlaq Savant along with one of our earliest volunteers, Mrs. B Sheikh. To raise money for Shaukat Khanum Hospital (SKMCH) Lahore, Mrs Sheikh embarked on her first fundraising venture back in the 90s when we were just a fledgling office based in London. She is still a dedicated supporter of IKCA.

Three names were announced on the evening of the Prize Draw: Farzana, W. Rafiq, and Syma, each winner hailing from a different corner of Britain. As our lucky draw winners now wait to receive their flight tickets, we’ve been busy catching up with them. This week, we spoke to Syma, and asked her how she feels about winning the competition.

Syma is a British Pakistani and a mother of three beautiful children. When she’s not at home with her family, Syma works as a hairdresser and beautician. “I have been an IKCA supporter since day one,” she says, “It is inspiring to see the work they do to fight cancer in Pakistan, and to give those with no hope of treatment a chance for recovery.”

“I follow IKCA on social media,” explains Syma when we ask her how she came to know about the competition, “so I heard about the competition through Facebook.” Syma confesses that she had no expectation at all that she would win, and couldn’t believe it when it actually happened. “When my name was read out I actually then felt satisfied that I have won.”

When asked what she most looks forward to about her upcoming Pakistan trip, Syma doesn’t need to think: “I am looking forward to meeting our new Prime minister, Imran Khan,” she smiles.

The IKCA lucky draw to win a trip to Pakistan and meet Imran Khan will be back next year. For your chance to enter, follow us on Facebook.

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