Meet Our Supporters: Tasneem Habib-Ishaq

‘The London Marathon was my BIGGEST challenge yet as I have never participated in any long-distance running before.’

Tasneem Habib-Ishaq, AKA Taz, has been a dedicated Imran Khan Cancer Appeal supporter for 15+ years. Taz has completed many high-flying challenges like sky dives and mountain climbs, raising almost £30,000 for our patients. This time though, she’s done something closer to the ground – The London Marathon. She jokes that at just 34m altitude, it was her lowest altitude challenge ever! But we know the 26,2-mile course (40km) is no joke. Even seasoned marathon runners train for months ahead.

Against the backdrop of cheering crowds and the iconic landmarks of London, Tasneem showed her extraordinary courage, determination, and compassion as she crossed the finish line. Her race, marked by perseverance and selflessness, was a powerful reminder of the impact that one person can have in the fight against cancer.

Taz said that marathon day was, “surreal. The crowds were roaring with energy that carried me along. Spectators were so generous and excited children held out their hands for high-fives from runners – I tried to tap as many as I could, hoping they would get me to the finish line. By mile 18, I was struggling with severe pain in my knees but found the determination to carry on having met so many inspirational people on my way.

“Seeing my husband at mile 25 gave me the last boost I needed to get over the finish line in 4hrs 55secs – I still can’t believe I did it.”

Training was not easy either. In Taz’s own words, “In week three of my training plan, I sustained a grade two hamstring tear from stretching – resulting in a two-week break, after which I still wasn’t fully recovered but had to pick training back up and push through the pain. Training also coincided with Ramadan which added to the challenge, of having to run without water as I fasted for over 16 hours a day.

“Throughout, I remembered my purpose and why I was doing this – for the underprivileged cancer patients that IKCA supports, who go through far worse pain than I was experiencing – I couldn’t give up.”

Hailing from Bradford, Taz is one of our greatest long-time supporters. Not only has she jumped out of an aeroplane in a tandem skydive over Dubai’s iconic Palm Jumeirah and completed the world’s longest Zipline in the UAE, but she’s also climbed to Everest Base Camp, trekked through Gilgit Baltistan (home to ‘killer mountain,’ Nanga Parbat), and climbed the world’s most dangerous mountain, K2. What can we say? She’s an adventurous spirit who loves a challenge and helping people.

As the Global Oncology Diagnostics Director at AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, Taz works tirelessly to deliver the latest cancer therapies to patients around the world. She embodies the spirit of generosity and empathy that defines the global movement to combat cancer. By dedicating her marathon to Imran Khan Cancer Appeal, she’s helped raise awareness and crucial funds to support lifesaving treatments and research initiatives.

If you would like to help Taz reach her target of £3,000 for this event, please visit her JustGiving page here:

Volunteering and helping others are very rewarding and have a positive impact on our personal well-being. Taz will be the first to tell you – once you’ve participated in an event for a worthy cause, you’ll want to do it again and again, not just for the cause, but for your own fulfilment as well.

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