Meet Our Supporters: Anwar Zeeshan & Kids

Anwar Zeeshan is a committed Imran Khan Cancer Appeal volunteer who has participated in IKCA challenges before. This time, he roped in his children, Dua (12) and Kaab (6) to climb Mount Snowdon. We caught up with the family to find out about their experience.

Assalamualaikum, Zeeshan family. We’re thrilled you took part in our Mount Snowdon challenge. Did you enjoy it?

Anwar: “Jazakallah Khair for organising such a great event! Last month, I climbed Scafell Pike and met some amazing people. This time, I brought my kids aged 6 and 12 along to try it out in Snowdonia. It was a wonderful opportunity for us to learn and explore together.”

Kaab: “It was really fun climbing up the mountain. It was a bit steep but the rest was good. I found walking down more difficult, there were tricky bits but you just have to try your best.”

Dua: “My experience of the Shaukat Khanum hike in Mount Snowdon in Wales was extremely good. It was relatively easy, but we had to take a lot of breaks and keep hydrated obviously.”

Anwar: “Yes. The kids found the hike a bit challenging and needed more breaks than we had anticipated. However, with the extraordinary help and kindness of the Shaukat Khanum team, Alhamdulillah, we completed the challenge successfully.”

Well done to all of you. What was your favourite part?

Dua: “The sights were spectacular and in general the whole place was beautiful, and I absolutely loved it. All worries and stress went away, and it was a very nice day out, the people on Mount Snowdon were very friendly and helpful and I was in a very happy environment. The people who were walking for the Shaukat Khanum charity were very nice and helpful too.”

Kaab: “I loved the views from the top of the mountain and looking at the clouds.”

Anwar: “The whole experience was wonderful. Thank you once again for all your efforts in organising such memorable and enriching experiences.”

Thank YOU, Anwar, Dua and Kaab! Your selfless efforts here at home make a big difference to needy patients battling cancer in Pakistan. Every step taken and every pound raised helps to get them free treatment at our Shaukat Khanum hospitals in Lahore and Peshawar.

Volunteer families like the Zeeshans help us change the face of cancer in Pakistan – one patient at a time. You, too, can help us help needy patients battle cancer and win. Read more about volunteering and sign up for our upcoming challenges here.



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