Meet our Everest Base Camp Pioneers: Siddiq Khan

Meet Siddiq Khan, hailing from Oxford where he lives with his lovely wife and three children. Siddiq is a British Pakistani personal trainer cum Occupational Therapist who’s currently braving Everest Base Camp with Team IKCA.

Known to his family, friends and us at IKCA as ‘Sid’, he’s climbed all the National 3 peaks as well as completing the Inca Trail in Peru, Milford Sounds and other Treks in New Zealand and Australia.

As an occupational therapist, Sid has worked in Churchill Hospital Cancer Wards – Oncology & Haematology wards. He’s seen people recover and die through their cancer treatments. Now working in Adult Social Care – he mostly supportes people to live independently in their homes.

Having seen cancer patients both die and recover first hand, throughout his career, Sid said climbing the Everest Base Camp for IKCA, is a lifetime opportunity that he just could not miss, especially when its a cause so close to his heart! He adds, “the hardest challenge was getting permission from my Mum and my Wife.”

When asked about his training schedule for the marathon, Sid tells us that he runs approximately 30 miles a week. He’s also attended the 3-day training weekend away with the IKCA Everest Base Camp team in Wales, which was both challenging and enjoyable.

He adds, “I run marathons regularly, many abroad too. Have raised Money for ‘Child-line’, Oxfam, and a children’s unit at my local hospital. Completed many treks for fun. I used to snowboard every year, mostly in the Alps.

As a massive cricket fan, I’ve been a long time admirer of Imran Khan. I’ve recently raised £1,142.44 at Friday prayers at the Oxford Central Mosque, Manzil Way for IKCA, Alhamdulillah. But The Everest Base Camp is my first challenge based fundraiser for IKCA.”

When asked what he looks forward to most about the challenge, Sid replied: “I’m really looking forward to the breath-taking view from up there…. Literally! Also making friendships with like-minded incredible people, helping others to achieve their lifetime goals. Being close to nature, away from hustle and bustle of life. InshaAllah I want to get closer to Allah spiritually, read my prayers with the group all on time.”

Altitude sickness and its effects are what worries Sid most about the challenge. “But InshaAllah, I will be ok”, he concludes.

Show Sid your support by donating to his fundraising efforts on his JustGiving Page.

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