Meet our Cancer Patients: Saeeda

Meet Saeeda, a single mother of three from Lahore. After she lost her husband, Saeeda found it difficult to provide for her children, even with support from her father. So when she was diagnosed with breast cancer last year, she was desperate.

Saeeda’s first thoughts were for her little boys: who would care for them if she died? Because she’d already accepted that seeking treatment was not something she could afford, she almost lost hope but she did not stop praying for a miracle. And it wasn’t long before Allah (SWT) sent her one: Saeeda was offered complete financial support for her treatment at Shaukat Khanum Hospital. One generous donor had sponsored her.

To date, Saeeda has undergone extensive chemotherapy, one surgical procedure, and radiation therapy. But the battle with cancer is not an easy one. For Saeeda, it broke her spirits many times, as the treatment sapped the strength from her body, caused the loss of her hair and even her nails. Throughout it, she had by her side her mother and all the nurses and staff at Shaukat Khanum Hospital, who helped restore her morale and courage. She had to fight for her boys, they reminded her. So that’s what she did.

Their encouragement and prayers, and one donor’s life-saving gift, got Saeeda to where she is today. Now she is receiving her last sessions of radiotherapy, and is very close to completing her active treatment. She has regained her strength, her hair and most importantly, her hope for a future with her sons.

Saeeda knows all too well how cancer treatment, in itself, is an arduous and painful process even without the added burden of its cost. She is grateful to Allah (SWT) and thankful to the donor who gave her a fair chance against cancer.

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