Meet IKCA’s 2018 Prize Draw Winners, Wajiha Rafiq and Syma Shah

Meet IKCA’s 2018 Prize Draw Winners, Wajiha Rafiq and Syma Shah. Wajiha and Syma were one of three ladies to win the IKCA prize draw earlier this year. Having recently returned from their all expenses paid five-day trip to Pakistan, the ladies were keen to share their experiences and valuable insight with us.

Wajiha Rafiq has been fundraising for IKCA since 1992. She’s been there with us every step of the way, watching us grow:

“My journey with Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital (SKMCH) started in 1992 when I participated in the historic fundraising campaign when Imran Khan visited my school in person.

My husband and I continued supporting the Hospital over the years and I was lucky enough to win the draw to visit SKMCH in Pakistan at a fundraiser in UK. I was amazed to witness the great way in which this Hospital is working as an organisation.

After visiting SKMCH and meeting with all the staff, I know for sure that my efforts are not in vain and I am contributing towards a great cause. It is the most amazing feeling to know that you are sending money to your country, to your people and the funds are being spent on deserving cancer patients. This visit made my day.

It was worth coming, every second being here has given me immense satisfaction and I would like to request you all to donate to Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital because with upcoming projects, they need your support now more than ever. I can assure all the donors that their contribution are being put to the best possible use and really helping the people who need it most. I look forward to visiting the hospital and meeting the patients again when I come to Pakistan next time. InshAllah.”

Our second winner Syma Shah, is a British Pakistani and a mother of three beautiful children. When not at home with her family, Syma works as a hairdresser and beautician.

“For many years, I have been supporting the Imran Khan Cancer Appeal. Since this foundation has begun, I have always been amazed by the cause of this influential charity and how it has changed many lives. Cancer is a really threatening disease and the foundation’s approach towards it, has really been effective.

Recently at a charity dinner, I was lucky enough to win a trip to the Cancer facility in Pakistan, due to a prize draw. This experience was just eye opening. The way they operated, the way patients were treated, was absolutely impeccable. The standards of this facility were really high, especially for a hospital in Pakistan.

This experience really showed me that every penny of each donation was worth it. I urge you all to show your support and all help make a change in the foundation’s upcoming projects. I assure you, that you’ll be provided with nothing but satisfaction.”

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