Meet IKCA’s 2017 Prize Draw Winner, Javaid Iqbal

On December 16 2017, following a long journey from London to Lahore, and from Lahore to Islamabad, Javaid Iqbal arrived at the PTI Secretariat for the meeting of a lifetime.

Javaid was one of two people to win the IKCA prize draw last year. His prize was a five-day trip to Pakistan, with all expenses paid, and a chance to meet the legend himself, Imran Khan. In the days before his meeting, Javaid was hosted at the doctor’s residence at Shaukat Khanum Hospital in Lahore. He and his fellow winner, Naveed Akhter, got a tour of the hospital.

“It was interesting to note that the wards and staff cabins have been designed as they are in Europe,” Javaid says, recalling how impressed he was with the hospital and the efficiency with which everything functioned at all levels. “Each ward has designated staff, so that if and when a patient needs a nurse or a doctor; they are available immediately.”

Javaid recalls fondly, how he and Naveed spent their time in Lahore familiarising themselves with the work of hospital staff, and how they even got to meet patients at the paediatric ward, where they distributed chocolates. The experience was moving and inspiring to say the least. The following day, they were only too happy for the added bonus of meeting the man who started it all.

“Imran Khan was guided into our direction as soon as he left the Shaukat Khanum Hospital board meeting.” Javaid recounts, “He shook our hands and we exchanged pleasantries. Although our meeting lasted just 8 minutes, it was worthwhile. I have never met a humble Pakistani politician. Imran Khan was polite and very accommodating.”

For Javaid, travelling to Pakistan to visit a hospital he’d helped to support for many years, was one of the most meaningful experiences of his life. Meeting the man who founded this institution was a bonus he could not be more grateful for. But the greater gratitude is ours. Despite the generosity with which our donors give, we know that it is easy to lose sight of what they are donating to. Seeing what your gifts have achieved and how your generosity is restoring hope to cancer patients, is a gift we’d like to give back to all of our donors. That’s why we’ve brought back the IKCA prize draw.

We’re giving 3 donors the chance to win a 5 day trip to Lahore, to visit Shaukat Khanum Hospital, help out with cancer patients and (if available) meet Imran Khan! Don’t miss the opportunity to get this chance of a lifetime!

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