Iqras’s Story

Iqra’s father is a Rickshaw driver. This time last year, he was pacing the corridors of Shaukat Khanum Hospital, waiting for news from our doctors: news about Iqra’s diagnosis; her chances of survival; and the cost of her treatment. Iqra was diagnosed with bone cancer. She was just 10 years old.

Iqra’s family live in Charsadda, in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan. Last year, an unfortunate accident proved to be a life-saving intervention for her. Iqra was taken to a local doctor’s clinic when she broke her leg. Her X-rays gave the doctor cause for alarm. He suspected cancer. After a series of more tests including a biopsy, the diagnosis confirmed it.

Iqra’s parents were devastated. Their local doctor reassured them that the early diagnosis improved Iqra’s chances of recovery. But this offered little comfort for Iqra’s father. How could his daughter recover at all without treatment? How could he afford treatment on a Rickshaw driver’s salary? He was considering taking out a loan, but who would loan him so much money? As a last recourse, he took Iqra to Shaukat Khanum Hospital, 300 miles away in Lahore.

Our doctors in Lahore were able to tell Iqra’s father they’d do everything to help her beat cancer. They also told him that Iqra’s medical fees would be taken care of through the Zakat donated by our supporters.

Iqra’s chemotherapy began in Ramadan 2021. On July 23rd, she underwent surgery which involved amputating her right leg below the knee. For a 10-year-old girl, it was traumatic to lose a leg. But Iqra’s mother encouraged her to face the challenges of her amputation with courage, and despite her age, Iqra showed great resilience.

Iqra’s chemotherapy continued through to November. Throughout this time, our Hospital’s Schooling Programme ensured that Iqra could carry on learning so that when she’d eventually return to her own school, she’d be able to keep up with her classmates. The opportunity allowed her to complete her coursework for year 5 and it also did wonders for her morale! It gave her something to focus on other than the challenges of fighting cancer.

Your Zakat covered the full cost of Iqra’s treatment, saving her father from debts that would be impossible for him to repay on a Rickshaw driver’s wages. Iqra lost her right leg, but your Zakat saved her life.

Iqra has now finished active cancer treatment, but she continues to receive support with physiotherapy, psychology, and clinical nutrition to help her adjust to her new normal. She will also be on periodic follow-ups to detect and address any changes in her health. Insha’Allah, this Ramadan will be easier and happier for Iqra and her family.

With your Zakat, you can sponsor the full or partial treatment of a cancer patient like Iqra. Please pay your Zakat through IKCA this Ramadan and help us close the care gap for other patients like Iqra.

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