IKCA – A Zakat Charity

IKCA- Are you Looking to Contribute towards a Zakat Charity?

IKCA is committed to helping fund cancer care in Pakistan, where many of the poorest communities struggle to get the care they need.

With around 31.3% of people in Pakistan living in poverty as of 2018, it’s not surprising that so many struggle to get the healthcare they need. The Covid-19 pandemic made it even more difficult for patients to get care to tackle cancer as soon as possible.

Zakat is a wonderful part of Islam that helps to ease the suffering of millions of people. Here at IKCA we want to make it easier to contribute money online to a charity that helps cancer patients in Pakistan.

Since our charity was established in 1993, we’ve spent in excess of £307 million on providing free cancer care in Pakistan.

Cancer care is a wonderful use of Zakat and provides healthcare to those who are most vulnerable.

The Zakat our supporters paid last year allowed us to provide free cancer treatment for 75% of our patients during the difficult year of 2020. We love giving hope to families across Pakistan, ensuring nobody has to say goodbye too soon.

Along with contributing Zakat, you can also get involved in a charity in a variety of ways. We have many charity challenges and events taking place across the UK.

If you wish to help with our cause, simply pay Zakat on our website today.

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