BMHC Join Hands With IKCA

We’re proud to announce that IKCA has joined hands with the British Muslim Heritage Centre (BMHC), in an effort to help underprivileged cancer patients at Shaukat Khanom Memorial Cancer Hospital.

Based in Manchester, BMHC facilitates access to Muslim heritage in an environment for learning for Muslims and non-Muslims alike. It is working to help shape a cohesive society through interfaith understanding, and by celebrating Islam’s rich and diverse history.

The centre hosts seminars and conferences as well as educational courses ranging from first aid to foreign language learning. Fast becoming the go to venue for major Islamic events in the North West of England, the British Muslim Heritage Centre will play an invaluable role in helping to bring Imran Khan’s cancer appeal to a wider Muslim audience. As an exclusive charity partner, IKCA will have a presence at every event held at BMHC, which will raise considerable awareness of the plight of poor cancer patients in Pakistan.

British Muslim Heritage Centre is a great project. The Muslim youth need to know about its heritage and hence this is a great infrastructure. I wish you all my prayers.” – Imran Khan, Prime Minister of Pakistan

Regular prayers are held at the British Muslim Heritage Centre mosque, as well as Eid prayers and Tarawih prayer throughout Ramadan. It also runs a local youth club offering self-defence and archery classes for British youth of all nationalities, and the BMHC Scouts. To find out more about all the services BMHC offers to improve and help the community, you can follow them on Facebook or tune into Heritage Radio.

At IKCA, we hope that this vital partnership will raise awareness of the plight of poor cancer patients in Pakistan among everyone who interacts with the BMHC. Together with the BMHC we can inspire all communities in the UK to develop a better understanding of the needs of cancer patients as well as those core values that unite us in our support of them.

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