Dr. Sana’s Belfast Half Marathon run for IKCA

Dr. Sana from Belfast will be running the Belfast Half Marathon for IKCA this coming Sunday. We sat down to talk to her about her fundraising efforts for IKCA and training routine for the half marathon.

“I have always enjoyed running and thought to sign up for a challenge this time. And what better way to start, than a half marathon? So I registered with Belfast half marathon.”

When asked why she chose IKCA, Dr. Sana has this to say: “IKCA have been treating and curing cancer for free, to the not so privileged patients in Pakistan, for over two decades. I once met the Chairman Mr. Imran Khan at my school back in 1987. He was visiting to raise funds for Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital. He was a true inspiration indeed! If my passion of running could contribute to the nation I grew up in, then I would consider it a noble cause.”

Dr. Sana’s typical week of training for the half marathon, will start with a 10-13 mile run on day one; a half hour swim on day 2; followed by a much deserved rest on day 3; a short 2-3 mile run on day 4; training at the gym on day 5; resting on day 6 and working on core muscles on day 7. If that isn’t dedication, we’re not sure what is!

“Dedication is key!” adds Dr. Sana, “…and immense stresses on cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal systems come with any long distance training. I am focused and driven to participate in the run for which I have been training accordingly. If my participation can also bring cure to children diagnosed with cancer, then I believe this to be a noble cause. IKCA has been fulfilling its promise to serve and treat cancer to poor people of Pakistan over two decades.  Every donation matters and will change life of children and adults. What better month than children’s cancer awareness month of September. This will be my first fitness and fund raising event. Hopes are high and Intention is pure, let it happen. May the force be with me, Insha’Allah!”

We wish her the best of luck on her run this Sunday!

Show Dr. Sana your support by donating to her fundraising efforts on her JustGiving Page.



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