De-Clutter Your Life with IKCA

De-clutter your life this New Year, and enable free cancer care while selling for charity on Ebay.

We all own more stuff than we need or use, and often this excess can start weighing us down. We know that getting rid of the bulk that’s cramping our cupboards and drawers will make us feel better, but we keep putting it off… until now. A New Year means a new you and there is no better way to start your goals for 2019 than by downsizing your wardrobes and de-cluttering your life! Did you know that the clutter in your home may be stressing you out? This is based on recent research about the emotional impact clutter has on our wellbeing. If that’s not incentive enough, then we’ve got an even better one for you: saving lives.

IKCA is a registered charity on Ebay. By selling your unwanted stuff on Ebay, you can donate a percentage (or entirety) of your earnings to IKCA. Donating for charity on Ebay improves the chances of you item selling by 30%. What’s more, Eay will give you fee credit on basic insertion and valuation fees. Find Out More

Join hundreds of other sellers selling for IKCA on Ebay now. Donate stuff you don’t need, to help those in need!

To illustrate how simple Ebay Charity Shop is, we’ve provided you with a breakdown of the process. Click How Does it Work? below and follow the easy steps to achieve Ebay charity selling success!


So you  want to sell for charity on Ebay. Once you have an Ebay account, it’s easy peasy, and we’ve just made it easier…


Add IKCA to your favourites by clicking on ‘Add to my favourites’ link in the IKCA intro box. Next, out of the three options below the IKCA intro box, you’ll want to select ‘Sell for Charity’ as below.

This link will lead you to:


Now, scroll down the page to ‘Sell for Charity Today’ and click the ‘Sell your item now’ link as below…

Now we get to the part where you list your item. Ebay has made this process very simple and even offers listing suggestions.

Once you’ve filled out most of the required listing descriptions, you will get to the ‘Selling Details’ section, mid-way down the page. Here, you want to tick the box that reads ‘Donate a percentage of your sale to the charity of your choice’. Select the percentage you wish to donate. Then click the link that reads ‘Or select another charity you love’, as below…

A search box will appear. In it you’ll need to type: ‘Imran Khan Cancer Appeal.’ Once the IKCA option comes up, click the blue ‘select’ button next to it.

When you return to your listing, the selections on your ‘Selling Details’ section should look like this…

Now you just need to complete other details of your listing and click list item. Voila! You’re set to go!

For more detailed information on Ebay Charity Shop, Click Here

Remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Start de-cluttering your life today, and give hope of life to those in need cancer care.

Know someone with a big heart but a clutter problem? Share this with them, or with family and friends over Facebook! You could be two clicks away from helping them gain a more stress-free home environment, and saving lives simultaneously!

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