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IKCA- Donate to a Cancer Charity with our Zakat Calculator

Our Muslim charity is named after Imran Khan the current prime minister of Pakistan and a politician committed to social justice and equality.

He directly experienced the pain of losing a loved one to cancer after his mother passed away from the condition at 63 years of age. She only died after an agonising fight against the disease, which highlighted to him the importance of good cancer care.

With nearly a quarter of people (24.7%) living below the poverty line in Pakistan, it’s not surprising that many people struggle to get the cancer treatments they need. 5% of the population in Pakistan still earn less than $1.99 per day.

Unfortunately, those living in poverty are much less likely to have a fair fight against cancer.

 IKCA makes it easy to calculate and donate Zakat to our cancer charity from anywhere in the world, including the UK.

On our website you can use our Zakat calculator to help provide hope for thousands of cancer patients in Pakistan. You can donate using any currency and are also welcome to give Sadaqah, Fitrana, Khairet or Fidya/Kaffara.

There is also the option to give either a one-off payment or monthly.

Donate to our Muslim charity and you’re guaranteed to be making a difference. Last year, IKCA managed to provide free cancer treatment to 75% of our patients through the use of your Zakat funds

Simply use our Zakat calculator or check out our guide today.

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