Give Sadaqah with your Qurbani

Sadaqah stems from the Arabic root word ‘sidq’, meaning sincerity, and giving Sadaqah is considered a sign of sincere faith. Among its liberal rewards to the giver is Baraka, the increase of one’s wealth and health.

Imran Khan Cancer Appeal does not profit from carrying out your Qurbani. The price you pay covers the full cost of your preferred Qurbani animal as well as the work that goes into carrying out the sacrifice. To support our hospitals, diagnostic centres, outreach clinics and laboratory collection centres during the global pandemic, we’re asking donors who can afford to give a little bit extra to also add Sadaqah to their Qurbani.

We are among the few charities battling on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis in Pakistan. Our 3,000 plus hospital staff have been working 13 hour shifts to keep our patients safe at this critical time:

  • We built Camp COVID in a giant marquee on the grounds of the hospital in Lahore within a matter of days.
  • We established a testing facility for patients who fulfilled the medical criteria.
  • We created a 35-bed intensive care unit with ventilator support for coronavirus patients in critical condition.
  • We turned two of our inpatient units into specialist wards offering 54 beds for coronavirus patients.
  • We took drastic measures to put in place strict restrictions and daily screenings of patients and staff to protect those most vulnerable at the hospital – our cancer patients.
  • In anticipation of a national lockdown, we raced through back-to-back surgeries throughout March, so as not to compromise the scheduled treatment of our cancer patients.
  • During the lockdown, we continued to battle coronavirus and cancer and did not cancel chemotherapy for any of our cancer patients, many of whom are children.

If you can afford to donate a little bit more to support our vital work, please consider adding a Sadaqah donation to your Qurbani this Eid ul-Adha.

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Sponsor a Cancer Patient - £65

By signing up to sponsor the full or partial treatment of a patient, you will be ensuring that they receive the best cancer care available in Pakistan. It is only with your support that we are able to provide free treatment at our hospital. Without it, we’d be forced to turn away thousands of patients who have little chance of survival without our service.

Sponsor a patient’s Treatment
Feed a Patient - £35

It is vital for cancer patients to eat well. Their strength, morale and recovery depends on it. But for needy patients, a nutritious meal isn’t easy to come by. With your help, we can pave the way to recovery, one meal at a time.

Feed a Cancer Patient
Donate Towards Hospital Equipment - £25

Upgrade your Sadaqah into Sadaqah Jariyah at no additional cost by donating towards our hospital equipment fund. Help us diagnose, treat and support cancer patients for years to come. Reap the rewards of your charity in this life and the hereafter, or donate on behalf of a loved one, living or deceased.

Donate towards Hospital Equipment