Give Sadaqah with your Qurbani

Did you know that IKCA and Shaukat Khanum Hospital (SKMCH) make no profit on carrying out your Qurbani? The price you pay covers the cost of your preferred Qurbani animal as well as all the hard work that goes into carrying out the sacrifice. At IKCA, our annual Qurbani efforts are a service we provide for the generous donors who continue to support us, as well as a social responsibility to facilitate food aid in Pakistan. For this reason, we’re asking donors if they can spare a little something extra this Eid, as a sadaqah to our patients at Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Remember, SKMCH is the result of a national spirit that refuses to accept that the poor simply do not get the same chances at life. It has become part of the fabric of Pakistan, and testament to the social justice we can achieve as a nation. The work we do depends on your support. Every small donation you can spare, will make a difference in our ongoing work to save people from cancer.

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Sponsor a Cancer Patient

By signing up to sponsor the full or partial treatment of a patient, you will be ensuring that he/she receives the best cancer care available in Pakistan. It is only with your support that we are able to provide free treatment at SKMCH. Without it, we’d be forced to turn away thousands patients who have no chance of recovery in a country with no free national health service.

Sponsor a patient’s Treatment
Feed a Cancer Patient

It is vital for cancer patients to eat well. Their strength, morale and recovery depends on it. But for needy cancer patients in Pakistan, a nutritious meal isn’t easy to come by. With your help, we can keep our patients on the correct diet so that every meal is another step towards recovery from cancer.

Feed a Cancer Patient
Donate Towards Hospital Equipment

Hospital equipment is essential to helping us diagnose, treat and support cancer patients for years and years to come. Take a Fluoroscopy machine – Over 1,031 Fluoroscopy procedures are performed in a single year at SKMCH Lahore. That’s 1,031 patients benefitting from a single machine! Donating towards our hospitals is a form of sadaqah jariya.

Donate towards Hospital Equipment