IKCA – Give to a Muslim Charity Specialising in Cancer

IKCA-  Give to a Muslim Charity Specialising in Cancer

In the fight against cancer in Pakistan, every single penny makes a difference. Donate to our Muslim charity and your money will go towards the most worthy causes, including operating costs, medical care, maintenance and repairs, and fundraising events that help raise further funds.

The concept of Zakat is a beautiful thing and you want to make sure your money is going towards a worthy cause.

A vast majority of money will go towards patients who cannot afford treatment in Pakistan. Having been trusted with your Zakat for over 25 years, our Muslim charity has many repeated donors.

Thanks to the Zakat made last year, we managed to provide free cancer treatment for 75% of our patients.

Save lives and help Pakistan’s poorest people.

Where you’re born in the world is a lottery when it comes to healthcare and many other factors, including housing and job opportunities.  Unfortunately, many cancer-stricken people in Pakistan cannot afford to get the care they need. This puts immense stress and pressure on them and their families.

Our Muslim charity have a 100% donation policy so you can have complete peace of mind. We enable you to easily calculate and donate Zakat or Sadaqah online.

Donating to our Muslim charity and you’ll be saving lives while supporting some of the most vulnerable in society.

If you’re looking for a Muslim charity that helps people in Pakistan, find out more about IKCA today.

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