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At IKCA, we make no profit on carrying out your Qurbani. Which is precisely why our donors come back every year, to sacrifice with us. IKCA’s annual Qurbani efforts are a service we provide for the dedicated donors and volunteers, who continue to support us. It is also another way for us to give back, by facilitating food aid among Pakistan’s poorest communities.

The price you pay for Qurbani is the price of your preferred Qurbani animal

…as well as the cost of carrying out the sacrifice. After your Qurbani is distributed, we make a nominal profit on the sale of animal hides collected at the end of Eid. This goes directly into providing treatment and care at the Shaukat Khanum Hospital’s in Lahore and Peshawar. So your Qurbani isn’t just feeding the poor, it’s also helping to cure patients.

We may be a cancer charity, but we take the responsibility of your trust very seriously!

Your Qurbani with IKCA is performed and distributed under strict supervision and according to the Sunnah. Complete our Qurbani life cycle game below to see how it works. Can you match each statement and image in the correct order?

Qurbani 2018 Infographic

a) The meat is then blast frozen, packaged and transported under controlled temperatures to different parts of Pakistan, where some of the world’s poorest communities live.

b) Did you know that IKCA makes no profit on carrying out your Qurbani? The price you pay covers the cost of your preferred Qurbani animal and all the work that goes into carrying out the sacrifice.

c) Under strict supervision, your Qurbani animal is slaughtered, skinned, and divided up into 5-10 kg portions.

d) Our staff in Pakistan are involved in monitoring the Qurbani process every step of the way. They check to make sure all animals are healthy and of the correct age.

e) Animal hides gained from your Qurbani are processed and sold. The profits made on them go directly into Shaukat Khanum Hospital to help in providing free treatment for poor cancer patients.

f) Just as our staff are there from the very beginning of the process, they’re there again at the end when meat from you Qurbani is distributed to the needy.

Not adhering to the conditions of Qurbani, can make your sacrifice void. Find Out about the conditions of Qurbani according to the Holy Qur’an and Sunnah –practices of the Prophet Muhammad (saw).

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