Meet Your Sponsored Patient

We’ve improved how one-on-one patient sponsorships work. Donors are now able to select the patient they want to sponsor, hear about the progress of their treatment and even communicate with them.

Our Sponsor-a-Cancer Patient Programme allows donors to assume direct responsibility for the treatment of one (or more) named cancer patients. Previously, restrictions and limitations made it difficult for us to assign a specific patient to every donor and provide donors with updates. But now that’s changed. Now the patient who is praying for you can tell you in person what your support has meant.

How does the Sponsor a Patient Programme work?

As a potential sponsor, you’ll receive patient profiles and anticipated treatment costs for each case.

The information we provide will help you select a patient for sponsorship.

You can sponsor the full or partial treatment of a patient.

You can choose to donate your contribution upfront as a lump sum or spread it across monthly instalments spanning up to 2 years.

Do I get updates about my Sponsored Patient?

Yes! You’ll receive regular medical updates on the patient you sponsor throughout the duration of their treatment. You’ll also be able to:

  • Celebrate milestones in the treatment of your sponsored patient.
  • Visit your patient in the hospital after a surgical procedure if you wish to.
  • Write to them.
  • Send them birthday cards and Eid cards if you wish to. (Gifts are not allowed.)

What are the Estimated Treatment Costs?

Treatment costs vary, based on the diagnosis and needs of each patient. However, to give you some idea of the general costs involved in the treatment of a patient, here are some approximate projections.

  • Diagnostics: £1,000
  • Surgery: £1,300
  • Radiation: £1,200
  • Chemotherapy: £2,000

Yasin’s Treatment is Sponsored!

Meet Yasin. At just five years old, he’s facing cancer with a lot of courage.

A few months ago, Yasin fell sick with a fever and developed body spots, prompting his worried father to take him to a local clinic. The clinic diagnosed him with blood cancer and recommended that he receive treatment at Shaukat Khanum Hospital.

Yasin was paired with a sponsor soon after he was admitted to our hospital in Peshawar. It’s been 3 months since we started his treatment and things are looking up.

Today, Yasin holds onto a big dream – to become a sportsman and to make his country proud. Yasin and his family are praying for his sponsor, who has made his treatment possible. Yasin hopes that one day he can thank him in person.

By sponsoring a patient like Yasin, you can help someone diagnosed with cancer to dream again. To learn more about our patient sponsorship programme click below.

Sponsor a Patient


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