IKCA Volunteer and Events Coordinator at Shaukat Khanum Hospital Lahore

IKCA’s ‘Volunteer and Events Coordinator’ Shafiq Rafiq, went to Pakistan last week to visit Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital in Lahore. He had a lot of valuable insight to share with us with regards to the hospital and how it operates.

‘My experience at Shaukat Khanum Cancer hospital, after driving 5 hrs to Lahore, was that I had just found the most amazing and advanced cancer hospital in Pakistan. Upon my security clearance, I headed over to the main entrance of the hospital to meet Tariq Raza. The first thing that struck me was how highly motivated and organised all the staff were.

Each cancer patient, whether they were repeat cases or new patients, received special attention and tailored care from the members of staff. I also noticed that registrations were all paperless and everything was done on computer systems. A unique ID was given to each patient, to help keep a track of all their records and medications. This saved the patients the time and effort of having to carry all their records from department to department.

The treatment and service provided for non-paying and paying patients are all the same. There is no difference in service provided by Shaukat Khanum.

All the wards have security and keyless entry for the patients. The security access card allowed patients in to their departments. The same card is also used for the medicine dispensary to dispense the medicine as when needed.

The medication used at SKCH is not dictated by the big drug companies, they only use tried and tested medication, with a proven track record of its benefits.

Visiting the children’s ward, the first thing you notice, was how child friendly, bright and clean the ward was, with continuous support by trained medical staff, ensuring the quality of service provided was second to none for all the child patients.

Visiting the ICU ward was a real eye opener too, with dedicated staff on hand. Each patient had their own glass isolation room, so that they had visibility at all times, with continuous monitoring by doctors and staff.

My verdict was, I have just visited the most advanced, professional and very clean cancer hospital in the whole of Pakistan.’

If you are interested or need any further assistance on visiting Shaukat Khanum Hospitals, please don’t hesitate to contact our event organiser at: support@ikca.org.uk


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