IKCA meet with The Lord Mayor of Rochdale

IKCA’s Volunteer and Events Coordinator Shafiq Rafiq and Fundraising Coordinator Atiqa Batool, met with the Lord Mayor of Rochdale to discuss ways to collectively further efforts in support of patients at Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital.

On behalf of the management of Imran Khan Cancer Appeal we are very thankful to Rochdale Lord Mayor Mohammed Zaman for giving us some time from his very busy schedule. We really appreciate his willingness to support the cancer patients being treated at Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital Pakistan. He further shared his views about his recent visit to Shaukat Khanum Hospital Pakistan. 

“Shaukat Khanum Cancer Hospital is a blessing for those who can’t otherwise afford treatment, or even dream of being treated at a Hospital and research centre whose facilities are no different than those in the UK. The research centre is in a continual effort to finding and producing alternatives in cancer treatment. The finding of new methods and medications, mean cheaper and more affordable treatment for patients in Pakistan.

One graceful attribute implemented in the hospital’s system that caught my attention during my visit; was the regulation of confidentiality placed to protect patients from any potential biasness from staff members attending them. Basically, hospital staff, have no knowledge of who’s a sponsored patient or self-financed patient, which is a beautiful way to avoid potential inequity within the system.

What we’re confident about when raising funds for this charity, is that all the money raised only goes to cancer patients. We’ve previously raised money for this cause, which is why we believe it is our collective duty to do whatever we can do in our capacity, to support IKCA.

We need to create official sponsors whether they be businesses or individuals, to help spread awareness of this charity and its cause. Even those who are unable to pay, can still help raise awareness by volunteering for IKCA. Hopefully in the New Year, with all the efforts of the donors, and supporting community, we will create a network where we can further our combined efforts to support IKCA.”

We are also very thankful to Councillor Aasim Rashid and Deputy to DY – Mayor Police Greater Manchester, for arranging this meeting and ensuring the continuous support from Rochdale consulate towards the cause.

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