Why is Fasting Good For You?

All Muslims who fast for Allah (swt) know first-hand the untold spiritual benefits of this practice. But fasting also has amazing physical health benefits. 

Watch the video to find out what happens in your body while you are fasting during the Holy Month. Share it with your friends and family over social media. Lets spread the wisdom!

Did you know recent scientific studies suggest that fasting can regenerate the immune system, and might even boost the cancer-curing effects of chemotherapy in cancer patients undergoing treatment? Scientists continue to research the miraculous benefits of this ancient religious tradition!  

Remember that charity increases Baraka in our provisions and our health! Find out about paying Fidya and Kafara to make up for fasts you can’t keep. IKCA uses Fidya and Kafara donations to Feed Cancer Patients at Shaukat Khanum Hospital, who can’t afford the diet they need to recover.

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